Unitiserve ssd compact disc transport failure?

On 23/7 I posted about a problem I was having with ripping some sacds. My ssd is no longer “grabbing” discs prior to ripping so I’m thinking that that my disc transport may have failed. I have tried switching off my ssd and also checked that there is not a disk already in the drive. Just wondered whether anyone on this forum had any suggestions before I go back to my local dealership.

I had a problem where my 'Serve SSD wouldn’t eject a disc, which sounds similar to the problem that you’ve got. You might find that the insertion switch has failed. I took my 'Serve back to my dealer, who replaced the transport. It was a relatively quick fix.

Thanks for the advice. I’ve had my Unitiserve for some years now and I guess I need to decide between a repair and replacing it with a Uniticore.

Or innuos zen mini …

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