Unitiserve-SSD keeps flashing when turned on

Thanks Richard, I wonder how much Naim charges for a simple installation? Hmm probably $400. What do you think?

I don’t know. That’s something best asked of Naim or your dealer (or distributor, if outside the UK).

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How about $425 for a CMOS battery change in 2019? Unitiserve was problematic obviously, tons of people with issues. It took me 3 minutes to open the case, remove the battery and reinstall a new one.

I think you will find the charges are higher now than in 2019. But assuming you are in North America, then you could see what the regional Naim service centre suggests.

In any case you won’t see any files in those folders though. The SSD version of Unitiserve has a tiny SSD installed to hold the OS (which is Windows XP Embedded by the way) and a small ripping buffer. Rips are exported to a NAS or other external network store after ripping. The on board buffer can only hold one or two CD rips.

I think you should follow Neil’s advice on how to set the BIOS after the battery change. He actually knows from doing it in the service department what is involved.

Anyway I don’t think there is anything more you can get here on this issue. I hope you do get it sorted, although if you have to spend significant money on getting it fixed, then you would be better spending it on another solution imho.

I have no doubt it is more expensive now, probably $500 for a CMOS battery change, ABSURD. As long as we (most of us) are stupid (sorry for this word), Naim will always find someone to milk.

You know the funny thing is. Naim places themselves up there charging +$100K to amps and their Focal speakers, yet they don’t even have a local service in big cities. You need to SHIP your unit and then they fix it. On top of that you pay for the return shipping too. Good grief!

Come to peace with it and accept if you buy a glorified pc from a hifi company it comes with caveats.

The software install on them is a total ball acher, you have to commit the hard drive and you have to get it right in the right order or you are goosed.

Put it in the bin and get a real server.

Any unit/PC has issues. However, if your PC or Mac has an issue, you are given all the software/tools to fix it yourself. All downloads are available online, you can even delete the whole drive and reinstall the OS if you need to. If that does. not solve it, you can take it to an authorized store locally to get it fixed or you send it if you prefer.

See many options here unlike Naim where they say, send it to us to fix it so we can charge you arm and a leg. This is Naim/Focal, a huge audio company giving you no other options. They are probably the biggest in high-end audio. I don’t consider Denon, Sony, etc. a high end company.

Naim are fairly tiny actually. I don’t know why you think they are large.

OK, not the biggest maybe but Vervent Audio Group (Naim/Focal) had close to $200M revenue last year. That’s not tiny if you ask me.

Again I come back to the fact you backed the wrong horse here, I wouldn’t entrust hifi companies to do servers and I wouldn’t entrust dell to do great hifi.

Get a real server then you can tweak it till your heart is content.

Hopefully naim will see the light and come out with a dac at some point.

Naim’s part of that is only about $40M and I don’t suppose they make much turnover, let alone profit, out of mending obsolete Windows XP computers…

I got it from a friend. I really don’t have a use for it anyway but that’s not the point here.

I look at Vervent Group. They own Naim and Focal. It is their responsibility to give better service. Apple owns Beats by Dr. Dre and their service isn’t any different for the Beats than other products they sell.

Look I am as critical of naim on decisions as the next man, I had a ns02 back in the day and got it for a song, back then it was a good solution.

Your argument is flawed, some people just don’t want the hassle of trying to fix crap like this they want a hifi company to offer the entire solution and a decade ago this was the solution. You got it for nowt, so take a look inside, it’s just a mini atx put something else in there, it could be a fun project.

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If you have their $100K amp, you still need to ship your unit to them. I don’t understand your point. Just because something is older and “crap”‘doesn’t mean it should be trashed and not get fixed, especially when the problem is software related.

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