Unitiserve ssd- ripping hybrid sacds

I’ve ripped many hybrid sacds successfully until recently. The last six or so that I’ve bought aren’t recognised by my Unitiserve but play successfully on my cdplayer. They are on several different record labels. The only thing they seem to have in common is that they were manufactured in Austria in one of the few remaining factories. Just wondered whether anyone has had similar issues.

Have you checked that these SACDs also have a regular 16/44 CD layer as well? It’s this that will be ripped, not the SACD, so if it’s not there, it won’t be ripped by most CD rippers.

The sacds in question definitely have a cd layer. I have tried playing them on a player with no sacd capacity and they play normally. Just wondering whether the manufacturers are encoding these discs in order to prevent ripping.

There must be something that the Unitiserve doesn’t like, but I don’t know what. Possibly some sort of copy protection. Can you try ripping them on a regular computer with a CD drive?

Thanks Chris. I’ll give that a try and let you know. Strangely I’ve been ripping some Dutton Vocalion sacds. One rip was successful but two weren’t. I think that your suggestion about copy protection might be right.

It can sometimes be the thickness of the disc. These hybrids are outside of Red Book standard and not all mechs can deal with their variances. I would try ripping on a computer with either dbpoweramp or EAC.

Thanks Richard I’ll try that.

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