Unitiserve Web Interface Post Flash

Not this again! So, despite Steve Harris’ assurances back in March 20,

with Adobe dropping all support for Flash, is there now any way to access the Unitiserve Web Interface?

I particularly want to continue backing up the Unitiserve to my Synology NAS (set up in the first place with Steve’s excellent support) which is not possible with just n-serve or the Desk Top Client.

Ever hopeful,
Alastair Dinwiddie

Sure there are lots of tools, I found the best one is called IE Tab extension you will need Chrome for this.
Once installed put the web address of the serve and you should be golden.

I feel like you can do backups with desktop client though?

The workaround in Steve’s post works fine for me.

Thanks for the response Gary. It’s good to know there’s a work around for the Web Interface, although I confess I haven’t tried it as yet as your conviction the Desk Top Client should work inspired me to have another go. I believe you still need the Web Interface to change a Network Share to a Music Store and make it available for back up.
However my Synology already had a number of network shares set up pre flash. They were visible to the DTC as a share but never seemingly available as a backup ‘destination’. However with some further perseverance I eventually got the DTC to accept one of the shares as a backup location and 36 hours later have, thankfully, a new complete backup.
So thankyou again. I’m still not sure what I did though to fix it! Unfortunately my DTC manual only has 10 pages and doesn’t cover the tools/maintenance routines in depth.

It did for me too, and now is again too!

I believe the back up folder has to be completely empty even of invisible files. So for instance if you navigated to it via Mac that leaves an invisible file that would then make the folder unavailable for backup. Best bet is to create the folder then immediately set it as back up.

Could be wrong but that how I remember it when I had an ns02

I’m sure you are right. I think previous ‘failed’ backup attempts had created sub folders HQ MQ and LQ in the share which when deleted made at least one of the shares available. There may still be some invisible files in the others.

When you create a backup folder you don’t need any sub-folders. If in doubt about a folder being empty, just delete it and make a new one. Name it, but do not click on it to open it as this is all it takes for your computer to dump an invisible file in there.

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