Unitiserve won't stream

My SSD unitiserve is refusing to stream some of my Naim ripped music library to any of my connected devices. I’ve recently updated the firmware on the NAS but was having issues before that (which is why I did a firmware update).

The files are all present, show up in the main app and displays but when I select an album to play, after a few seconds of ‘connecting’ it reports “can’t play - unable to open stream”.

The same albums/folders can be streamed using Minimserve on the NAS itself, so it doesn’t appear to be a file problem. And the unitserve will still rip to the music store - it just won’t play them!

The other odd development is some albums appear twice in the index - could that be both the wav and MP3 versions showing up?

Any suggests checks or tips I should try out would be much appreciated.


Have you restarted the Unitiserve?

Can you browse the files ok with n-serve?



Does this only apply to some recently ripped CDs? Do you save the rips in FLAC or WAV?
The reason I ask is that the Unitiserve takes a bit of time to convert each rip to FLAC, and a bit more time to create an MP3 version, and sometimes it’s just a question of waiting for the queue to clear.
If you view the files through a computer you can check all this, and it may just be a case of waiting for the process to complete. Or it may be something else altogether! Good luck.

Hi David - yes I have restarted multiple times. I can browse the same music library when the unitiserve is chosen as the upnp server and when minimserver is selected as the upnp server. Both are linked to the same Naim music folder (MQ). The only difference is the files won’t play when I try via the unitiserve.

Hi Chris - no. Nothing ripped for a week or more.

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