After a power cut last Friday, my UnitiServe does not want to cooperate.

Since the power came on moments later, the green naim logo on the front panel keep blinking but after many hours, has not gone ‘solid’.

Before selling a kidney on eBay, and sending the unit off to Naim for their trifling service cost, any thoughts as to how I might try to get the blighter to play ball?

I don’t have a VGA monitor or wired keyboard to take a metaphorical look under the hood.

Might a local Naim dealer be able to have a look?

This is very likely to be that the CMOS battery needs replacing. It’s a CR2032, so sold everywhere for a £ or so. But you do need the VGA monitor and a keyboard to reset the BIOS to Naim defaults. Your dealer should be able to do that for you. The whole thing including changing the battery takes just a few minutes.



Hi David
Thanks for the advice.
I will try to track down a dealer operating in lockdown and go from there.

If you need to supply the dealer with the new battery, you can get it in Tesco etc

Happened to me in similar circumstances last year. My US was over 4 years old at the time and the battery lasts for about 5 years so it was thought that a replacement battery would be all that was needed.
The dealer changed it but it didn’t solve the problem and had to go back to Naim for a service/repair which cost £340.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed but fear a trip to Salisbury may be inevitable.
With nearly 2000 albums stored I don’t feel confident about poking around myself!

My Unitiserve has done this a couple of times after unexpected power cuts. Pulling the power chord, leaving it for half an hour then restarting it got it working again. No guarantees that it’ll work for you, but give it a try just in case.

Hi David

Thank you for the advice, once I tracked down a PS/2 keyboard (everything here at home is Mac wireless) and an old VGA monitor, it was very straightforward and a complete success!

UnitIServe currently dishing up tunes just as it always has.

All I need to do now is get a genius from Naim to help me re-configure my backup. The ‘Serve used to backup every night to a Netgear NAS, but since an auto update from the Netgear, this hasn’t been happening.


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Good! Well done.

Regarding your backup, I suspect, but don’t know of course, that your Netgear update included turning off SMB1 services in your NAS. This happened commonly across the industry a year or so back because SMB1 is regarded as a serious security risk. But Unitiserve needs SMB1 to work. There is no prospect of avoiding this as Microsoft never enabled later versions of SMB on Embedded Windows XP, which is what Unitiserve runs on.

You might well think that you don’t really need to worry too much about a security risk on your NAS, unless you keep other things besides your music on it.

It’s very likely that you could go into the setup of the NAS and re-enable SMB1. Once done, your backup should work as before. Of course you could turn SMB1 off again once the backup has run and then turn it on again for next time, or leave it on all the time, but anyway that’s up to you!

I hope this helps.




Hi David I think you’re right and I will have a look under the hood of the NAS.
I only use the NAS for ‘Serve backup and so any security risk is minimal.
I’ll let you know how I get on!

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