UnitiStar - Any changes?

I’m looking to buy a UnitiStar and a well respected dealer has said that I could buy his demo model at a discount as currently there is a long delay in supplying new kit.
Is anyone aware if the UnitiStar is to be upgraded or discontinued ? I see for example that HiFi News no longer includes it as a ‘best buy’.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t think it will be upgraded in the near future as it is a recent product (in Naim terms). In my opinion is the hidden gem in in the Uniti Line if you want a cd ripper / cd player and want to have a bit more power to drive your speakers.

I have the feeling that it is the least popular of the (now) 4 Uniti products, so there could be a risk that Naim might discontinue it sometime in the future. If you can get it at a good price, i would say go for it as long as it is available.

Paging @Naim.Marketing ….

Every time a similar question has been asked on the forum the reply has been “no worries the line is not being deprecated”. However, specifically for the Star the final word can come from Clare.

BUT it shares base firmware with the rest of the Uniti range so even in the unlikely case of the unit itself being shelved I have no doubt that the firmware updates will continue as long as the current Uniti line is supported.

No plans to replace or discontinue the Uniti Star - it’s one of our global top sellers.

The current Uniti range is designed to give many years more listening pleasure, with upgrades coming via free software updates.


If you want one, get one. It is an excellent piece of kit with a good range of features.

Many thanks for your comments, very reassuring especially that UnitiStar continues to be an important part of Naim’s (worldwide) offering.
In reading contributions to the forum, I’ve noticed that UnitiStar seems to feature far less frequently than Naim’s other components and maybe this is because of an apparent trend amongst forum subscribers to move away from CD’s towards streaming etc. Whatever, I find the ongoing debate very interesting; there’s obviously no right or wrong way to listen to music as its a matter of personal choice. And with Naim’s new turntable offering all options are catered for.
Maybe someday soon the CD will make a comeback too !

I have a UnitiStar and have just upgraded the software .
It is an excellent machine and gives me all the features I want in one simple package that is not too hard on the ear , eye and wallet .

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It sits in a cupboard out of sight and is operated via Naim’s app.

I also own a Star.

It is a niche product. Therefore folks tend to more often go for the Atom or the Nova.

If you will enjoy the integrated CD functionality, then it is a very competent unit with great sound. So if you have lots of CDs and don’t have another good way of ripping or playing them this is a pretty competitive device.

The Nova is a better sounding unit, but depending on the price gap for the demo model you will need to decide whether the extra cash warrants the difference in sound.

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