Units on top of each other

I think l know the answer l will get back but here goes
Would it be a sin to place my Rega Aura phono stage on top of my 555ps? At the moment it’s under the hifi rack on the wooden floor to save space which l know is not ideal.

Not optimal, but be very skeptic of anyone telling you about “night and day” differences, or the life out of music being "sucked out "…


A phono stage is one of the most sensitive bits of hifi equipment and ideally they should have as much space as possible around them. The 555PS has a massive toroidal transformer, making it one of the things to keep the most distance from. If you can afford equipment at this level, surely you can run to suitable support arrangements.


If I had to put it on a 555, I’d put it on the left hand side.

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The Aura is a full sized component.

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Definitely on a separate shelf, can you get another shelf added to your current unit?


have an Ortofon MC step-up transformer sitting on top of my NAIT50, with no problem at all.


Agree Graham

I have my Superline along side my Armageddon PS with no issues whatsoever

My dealer and I tried the SL by itself and then along side the Geddon and no SQ difference at all

Sometime I’m surprised people are investing in superb kit, just to stack upon each other.
Not only are they creating marks, stacking reduce performance considerably.
A rack would be a solution, simple.

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You had better come to Brighton then, and tell me where the hum is or show me the marks on the casing.

I find it extraordinary when some Members diagnose remotely problems with my system, or set-up. It’s absolutely perfect as it is, otherwise I would have moved the components away from each other.


Haven’t you heard of arm chair diagnostics no need to travel :grin:

Ive no doubt it sounds superb Graham so leave it as is, sorry Ive just given my view… :roll_eyes:

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Thanks for that!

Nobody was talking about your system. Replies were addressed to the OP, who has an entirely different setup.

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I took “people” (in PerF’s post) to refer to more than one person, and that that included me, as I had just posted a photo of a step-up transformer sitting on top of a NAIT. Who knows?

BTW, are you a Moderator of this Forum now, or do you just like to act as if you were?


If you must stack one unit upon another, then put some bits of paper under its rubber feet. Several years later, the unit underneath will thank you……

…as will the beige living room carpet when you place your CD3.5 & Flatcap on it whilst fiddling with the system. Oops, took me half an hour to get the very sticky black gunk off :laughing:

I’m pleased for you.
It wouldn’t be perfect for me and I’m sure, many others
Each to their own.

I’m very relieved that you’re pleased, and I’m just sorry that my actions cause you pain.

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Back in the 80s your gear didn’t look any good if it was t stacked on top of each.

Ok l get that, so what would you suggest with my current set up then?

…buy a NAP500? :thinking::crazy_face:

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