Unity atom HDMI “no input signal”

Hi all new to this forum, so plz forgive me if treading old paths.
I have read a few posts about the hdmi Supposedly not working and have checked my input settings. HDMI is enabled but I still get message, “no input signal”. I am trying to connect my Reavon Blue ray/sacd player Via the Reavon’s hdmi ‘audio out’ socket, it also has another hdmi for av output. It would appear that the Reavon is sending a signal via it’s audio hdmi as when connected to a tv, I can listen to a cd/sacd when playing. I believe the audio settings are correct on the Reavon as the audio port is sending a signal, pcm etc.
Any ideas, or am I to await a firmware update? I bought the unit in August and have uploaded one update, so I believe I have the latest version. Tia

The HDMI on the Atom is HDMI ARC for use with the Audio Return Channel enabled HDMI on a suitable TV. You can’t use it to directly connect a regular HDMI socket on something like a Blu-ray player.

If you have an ARC enabled HDMI socket on your TV try connecting to that.

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So, considering the Unity Atom HDMI is essentially an audio unit, it’s hdmi capabilities are pretty much useless? Not into ‘cinema’ Side of things, I thought hdmi was just another hi def connection that allowed sacd playback by over coming that copyright thing! Oh, well.
It would seem I have wasted £2600 if I cannot connect an sacd/dvd audio player, given that it only has one pair of rca inputs. Shame really, because it really does do everything else so well.

Can’t you use the optical or coaxial digital output?

Yes, Robert, but only for cd playback. Sacd can only play via regular analog rca or hdmi because of copyright. The unity atom only Has one set of analog rca which I use for my phono amp.
I guess for a while I’ll just have to unplug and plug … :joy:


Check out the HD Fury Arcana. It will ‘inject’ ARC functionality.

If you’d like to playback SACD, I doubt the Atom will work this way. You’ll probably need to set the output to 2 channel, 48 KHz PCM. So, the previous post suggesting SPDIF makes the most sense.

How to use SACD (or DSD and DXD) with Naim equipment is an interesting subject…



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First time I’ve come across this problem, always used amps with enough spare rca inputs so not had to worry. I normally use coaxial digital for cd playback and use rca when listening to sacd. I had read that for copyright reasons, normal playback through coaxial or optical was not possible and instead rca or HDMI should be used.

…So it’s, “unplug and play and plug and play” for now anyways. :joy:

Edit: just noticed I have posted this in ‘home theatre’, Should have posted in ‘hifi corner, oops. Sorry :neutral_face:

Maybe something like that could help? Sort of RCA switch.

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That’s not a bad idea. There are plenty of passive preamps that would give you the same eg Tisbury Mini Passive Preamplifier II


I have however no idea on how will it impact, or not, sound quality.

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I have just ordered one of these for now, @£25 it’s worth an audition. May look into a Timsbury passive when funds allow, bit too close to Christmas and I have just bought another amp…

…it did have quite a few positive reviews.

Thanx for your input guys. :+1:

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Let us informed on how it sound? Hope it will not degrade it. But for the price you have nothing to loose.

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It would be nice to do a comparison of the analog and digital inputs.

I’m not sure the Atom would be used to it’s strengths via the analog input as a conversion will happen. It probably sounds fine though.

If only Naim would provide comprehensive user manuals, even if only online, the existing quick start stuff doesn’t go anywhere as deep as this question needs of an answer!!


I understand that this specific question is relative to using the SACD player connected to the Atom. I really doubt there’s a lot of Atom owners in that case. The vast majority will use only the streamer.

The interactive support pages cover HDMI connection in detail.



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OK Richard, thank you I’ll take another look, must have missed it previously.

Well, clarity, detail, and volume all suffered a slight drop.
An increase in volume just about brings some semblance of respect to vinyl reproduction, but I am sorry to report that cd playback is flat.
Nope! I have just connected direct to my Cyrus phono and I know I’m listening through my trusty Cyrus phono sig!
Direct rca connection to cd is far superior too!
Okay, £25 is not a lot, but I am wondering whether Investment in a passive amp (as was suggested earlier) Would be worthwhile?
Ah well, I’ll pour myself another glass of Merlot, spin another disc and ponder…

Some use Townsend Allegri passive with Naim amps. Maybe you can borrow one from a dealer? It costs around 3k.

I think at that sort of money I’ll offload the unity and bag myself a nac n 272 or similar. After all, the 272 offers more connectivity anyways…

HDMI on the unity is pretty much pointless!