Unity Atom

I’m about to move house and it’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to fit my present system along with the speakers in the room. My thoughts are to sell/trade in and get the all in 1 Unity Atom. I no I will lose the CD Player but it’s not really a problem. Can copy them over to my PC hard drive.
Would be grateful of your thoughts on the loss or gain in sound quality I might encounter if I change to the Unity Atom.
I do intend to keep the speakers though.

Current system
Nait 3, 3.5cdp, flatcap, ATC Scm 11 Mk2 speakers .
Speaker cables and interconnects all Naim.



I would say if space is at a premium it sounds a good alternative

Especially if your Olive gear hasn’t been serviced, I would try and get a home demo to see if the speakers are a good match.

I own this little baby and it is awesome.

Before pulling the trigger on it, i‘d suggest, you first get a test with your speakers.
The sensitivity of them is on the lower side and maybe 40 wpc are little bit too slim, if you like to listen at higher levels.

If financially feasable, take a look at the Star or the Nova.

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The Nait is only 30 watts but does a decent job of driving them. But will definitely take on board what your saying and consider the Star and Nova.



If you have an extensive CD collection and budget allows it may be worth considering the Star it has the built in CD player as well as the streaming side.

If I remember correctly a review used ATC SCM 50’s successfully.

If you can stretch the money, the Star is a better performer and has built in CD. I was going for a one box and heard the Atom, great, I’ll have that. Then the dealer said how about having a listen to the Star. I have a Star and a persuasive dealer. Oh, and a big smile as my music is the one joy in life at the moment.

I have the Atom in a second system and the same speakers (ATC SCM11 II) in my main system. When I have put the Atom and SCM 11’s together as a test the result was much better than I expected The Atom can drive these speakers well, not like a bigger power amp, but respectably. A lot will depend on your room.

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Thanks all for the replies. Much appreciated. When the time comes (hopefully soon) will also give the Star a try.

Again, thanks


The forum likes nothing more than spending other people’s money. Why mess about with the Star when you could get a Nova :woozy_face:

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I can confirm that the Atom is a great little box, but for driving ATC SCM 11s, I’d personally be looking further up the Uniti range. Either the Star, or, if you don’t need the CD player/ripper and funds permit, the Nova.


Again, thanks for all your thoughts and advice. Really appreciated. Looks like I will have to do some back to back auditioning .



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