Unity Core and smart TV

My Unity Core appears as “ Naim Unity Core “ on one of the inputs of my LG smart TV. If I click on that input , I see random album covers but there is no music. There is no direct connection between the TV and the Unity Core . It is connected by cable to my DAC and by Ethernet to the WiFi router. Can someone explain this to me and can the TV be used to select music on the server ?

Most modern TVs have basic UPnP streaming software on them. This should detect any UPnP server you have on your network, including a Core. So should you want to use your TV as a music player, you can.

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Thanks - I tried to employ the TV as a controller for the Unity Core , but I was unsuccessful. How exactly would one do that ?

You can’t control the Core from the TV, you need to use the app. All you can do is browse its music files on the TV screen and play them through the TV.

As Chris says, as long as your TV and core are on the same network, you should be able to browse the music files on the core (using the TV remote) and select your music, likewise your backup NAS too.

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