Unity Nova vs SuperNait + ND5 XS2 + HiCap?

I’ve narrowed down my next upgrade to either a Unity Nova or SuperNait + HiCap + ND5 XS2 streamer.
Does anyone have experience with these as far as audio quality preference?

The Nova is a very good 1-box, but that separates line-up will be audibly better.


…my vote would be SuperNait + HiCap + ND5 XS2 streamer.

Best to demo at dealer, you may even want to try a NAIT XS 3 + HiCap DR + ND5XS2 vs. the Nova.


To add food for thought; have you considered going Atom to 250DR? I’m running my Nova as a streaming pre, into a 250DR and have been really pleased with the sound. There’d be no need for the extra amplification of the Nova (over the Atom) if you’re starting from scratch.

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I take it you mean Atom HE


SN2 and NDX2 would be my pick.

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2 good boxes, though buying both new would cost rather more than a Nova.

Quite a lot of people seem to feel that ND5XS2 + nDAC is as good as NDX2 for sound and cheaper if buying a/h. SN3 +HCDR may well beat 202/200 too. However, it looks as if the consensus is with you in ranking SN ahead of Nait+HCDR.

I may not be the only one apparently stretching the budget and box count further than the OP is actually asking us to go. All too easy…


Nova = 4800£
Supernait + Hicap + Nd5 xs2 = 8200£
Supernait + Ndx = 10000£

Very differently priced these solutions, aren’t they? The Nova shouldn’t come close to the other options, based on price only.

Please ignore this post. :blush:

It may be worth looking at eBay. A Supernait 2 plus ND5XS2 has a total cost similar to a Nova (and I can confirm it sounds better to my cloth ears). A Nait plus that streamer should be cheaper than any Nova I have seen on that website.

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