Unity proximity sensor

The proximity sensor that causes a wake-up as you approach the equipment.

I do not own any of the Unity products, but I am interested in how things work. So, I was wondering what kind of sensor is employed to act as a proximity trigger ? is it something like an infrared mini PIR, or a thermal sensor for instance?

Mines never worked but not bothered about it anyway, gimmicky

Sorry, can’t answer the how it works question, but I like and use the feature. However, I probably wouldn’t if it was the other side of the room, rather than right next to me on my desk. I’d swap it for a touch screen, though.


I don’t have a new Uniti series box, but perhaps it is an infrared motion sensor. There are 2 types:

  • Active which sends out pulses of infrared light, and then the reflections are detected and measured.
  • Passive which pick up infrared heat, emitted by warm-blooded animals, that are large enough to trigger them (like humans).

It is heat sensing passive IR sensor.


thank you davidng

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