Unity Star NAP 200DR Upgrade

I’ve currently got a Unity Star, together with Rega RP3 turntable and Kef R3 speakers.

The local store is selling off NAIM (change of distributor here in Australia) and there’s a hefty discount on the NAP 200DR.

Just wondering if anyone else has upgraded to this and if it is worth it?

I added a 200DR to my Superuniti, and it gave a nice uplift in sound quality, but to my ears, nowhere near enough to justify the £2k price, and I suspect you might find the same. I bought it as the first stage on an upgrade to separates, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered. Try to get a demo, if the price is right you might still like what it does.
Remember that the DR spec only applies to the preamp PSU in the 200, which you would not be using, so an older non-DR 200 might fit the bill.

Thanks Chris

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