Unity Star + Subwoofer

Hi All. I’m considering adding a subwoofer to my system. Anyone know how to connect it to my unity star?

Three methods.

1 Connect the high level input of the sub to the terminals on backs of your speakers using speaker cable. This has the disadvantage that the low frequency vibrations on the speaker’s bass cones appear as an input to the sub’s amplifier and then drive the sub distorting the signal.

2 Connect the ‘Analogue out’ RCA phono connections on the Star to the low level input of the input of the sub using a resistor loaded coax phono cable.

3 Connect the ‘Analogue out’ RCA phono connections on the Star to a DSP box (such as a miniDSP 2x4 or a DSpeaker Anti-Mode 8033s) and connect the output of that to the low level input of the sub. This has the advantage that the DSP can compensate for the room resonance, so avoiding excessive bass ‘boom’.


I don’t think this is required for the Star as it may have the 100k resistor already built into it’s dedicated sub-output. At least it has for the SN3, when i queried this with Naim themselves. I was advised to go ahead and use normal sub leads without any detrimental effect. Needless to say I took on their advice and got great results. I use 6 x metre QED sub leads.

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OK, that would make it easier.
However, it would be a good idea to check with Naim as the output from the Star is labelled ‘Analogue out’ rather than ‘sub out’, so it may not have the resistors.

(BTW, I think you’ll find the resistors in the SN3 sub out are 100Ω not 100k.)

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Yes best to check with Naim, as i did for my SN3. Thanks Xanthe.:+1:

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I drive my sub from the pre amp out on the Star into the low level inputs


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