Unity Star: USB files

I have a 1tb hard drive plugged in which plays my albums.
However, I can’t get it to play an album “in sequence “ , track running order.
Is there a way to stop the “randomisation “ of playback?

First, are you looking in the Server input under Local Music? It takes a while to scan the files here but you can browse by metadata and it’s generally better than using the USB input.

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Go to the Play Queue screen, is the “Random” icon blue (enabled)? It’s on the left under the time code (at least on Android). It’s easy to touch by accident

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Hi, if you’re using the Naim app you may have accidentally selected the shuffle function. On the picture below the two crossing arrows which are below elapsed time 00:44 on the bottom left are the shuffle. Click that and if you did enable shuffle you should be back to playing in order.

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Had no idea to look elsewhere to access the database.
I’ve been going through the usb tab.
This may have sorted my problem.
Is it possible to queue tracks in advance as you can in spotify?

I’m not sure how you have got to that view?
I’ve been accessing via the usb input, which gives no options at all.

Yes, if you hit the … icon next to a track you can choose to add it to the play queue (which you can then edit as you go) or add it to a saved playlist.

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Is there a manual/guide to using the app that teaches you about these features?
The product manual is useless as it’s just quick start.

No, just play around with it and you’ll find your way around it eventually. There’s some stuff in the ‘support’ section of the Star web page too, but it’s not up to the standard of those proper old fashoined manuals that you never used to read :wink:

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Play something, then tap the currently playing track in the bar at the bottom. This gets you to the Play Queue screen that I described and Eoink showed much better.

You can also queue tracks by tapping the 3-dot menu on the right hand side of each track (or album) in a list.
You can also go to Settings > Other Settings and enable Tap For Options, then it shows the same menu whereever you tap a track (not just when you tap the 3 dots)


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