Universal remote for nait xs2

My nait xs2 remote doesn’t work and nor does my cxn 1 remote. I know nothing about universal remotes but would love a remote to control these two things. Anyone able to help?

Edit: I did read someone saying you have to train a universal remote using your old remote, but I obviously can’t do that. So what can I do?

You can configure a universal remote using a code instead of using your old remote.
The universal handset should come with a list.
RC5 is a common protocol that many remotes use. I used to be able to use my XS3 remote to control my old Arcam CD player.
Just try several codes from the list and see what works.

Thanks. I would try getting a naim replacement remote but they seem unreliable (sample size of one).

Do you know anything about how I find out what will work with my xs2 and cxn?

A new Naim remote is also £80. There’s a thread about pricey Naim gear I don’t want to get into, but I did think that was a bit much X)

My XS3 remote failed when the batteries leaked. I did buy the new Naim one, but grumbled to myself (and now the internet) about the price.

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