Universal Remote to Control Zigbee Naim New Classic and IR devices

Hi, first post ! Does anyone know of a universal remote than control Naim New Classic Streamer and Pre Amp, Sky Stream, Apple TV, Anthem AVR etc etc !!

I have a Harmony elite but it does not do Zigbee and is on its last legs !!

Many thanks

I truly hope someone will correct me, but I’ve not found a better solution than Harmony.

If you use the Harmony hub extender you can control zigbee/z-wave devices (though not all of them). It normally does require other hubs (like Smartthings) but it works.

I use mine with all the audio gear, TV, Lutron lights, Roku, etc.

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Does Harmony support Zigbee? Did not know that. Sill a pity they stopped their remote control product line.

Agree. Taken over by Logitech and then dropped after a few years. It’s made me suspicious of takeovers that may seem to have good prospects in the short time as they can eventually turn out to be disappointing.



Thanks for responses. I don’t think you can buy the zigbee extender anymore and given harmony have discontinued all remotes won’t be an avenue I go down !

Would be OK if I just used the Naim for music but I feed the pre outs of my Anthem AVR to the Naim kit which means every time I watch TV I have to turn the NAC 332 on and change inputs etc ! There must be a solution I just can’t fine one !

They support some zigbee devices using their hub extender.

When I last looked in 2019 there wasn’t, so I bought a couple of Harmonys to keep the setup going.