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Does anyone know the origin of this Naim tuner? It was lurking in a friends house so I’ve taken it on. Sounds lovely.

I can’t find any other pictures or information online about it.


How exciting. It’s the NAT301, Naim’s very first tuner. Only a few were made before the NAT01 took over. It’s a little bit of history. @Richard.Dane will love this.


Ah, that is exciting. Will start doing some research online. It’s been sat for a while but there was nothing wrong with what I heard of Woman’s Hour today

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It looks in really good condition. Was it hidden away in a box?

Better get a pic on the “Show us your tuner” thread before anyone’s else does :wink:


It was indeed, although not a Naim branded box

I have just done a bit of research and it might be 1 of 3 made, even if there were more made it is a rarity I have never seen one before.

Yes, a NAT301 and one of only 3 or 4 made. Naim’s first tuner that didn’t make full production, instead it developed into the NAT01.

We used to have one on the window sill in the Sales office at the factory with a wooden Buddha sat on top (I have a picture of this somewhere). I wanted it so badly, but I think that one ended up being sold to James A at Tom Tom Audio.

What a great thing to take on!


The Budha is pictured here with the Tuner



Maybe if Richard rubs his tummy he might get offered that one. :wink:


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That’s not on any windowsill that I can recall seeing it, so no idea where that’s ended up. I have a vague recollection that the Buddha might be knocking around though….

Presumably it doesn’t have an AM section despite the switch?

The 301 is an AM/FM tuner. The 01 was FM only, but its PS had an AM switch, the idea being that it would power an AM head unit. However, that never materialised and the switch was removed from later power supplies.

The photo shows it exactly as it was during my time at Naim - the windowsill was one in the sales office. IIRC the kit underneath were Paul’s old bolt-down 250s. IIRC James at Tom Tom Audio now has this particular NAT301.

It looks brand new!

Is that the only full width CB component with a tractor wheel? I don’t recall seeing anything else.

@BarryH so if I understand it was sitting unused at a friend’s house and they gave you this tuner? Maybe it would be nice to offer them something in return?

I’ll give the tuner back in return. He’s following this thread and I’ve already said I’ll give it back…nothing like rarity (in this case ultra rare) to focus the mind…it won’t stay in his possession long I shouldn’t have thought so I may end up with it again. Price dependant.

Thanks for the help & history. Nice to have such a lovely object, albeit briefly.

I looked again at this thread’s title. ‘Moral philosophy’ wasn’t there :-))))

How well does the AM section work?

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