Unleash the beast Nap 110

On an earlier post I have stated my intent to go active on a pair of IBLs. Today the postman delivered a pair of Epos 11,s. [I know…not in the right direction ] In they went into my man cave system (CDS2/72/HC/Olive 110) and wow! I love EPos 11s, I’ve had three pairs over the last 10 years. But we’ve also moved house three times in that period. And now the music cave is 4m x 6m with Sandstone walls everywhere. Lovely though the Epos speakers are I just can’t cope with the extended bass! Initially I thought my beloved IBLs were for an auction site but after 4 hours of listening I realise the room is everything and the IBLs are perfect for this room and the 11s certainly aren’t . What the Epos speakers did show me is exactly what my set up is capable of. So bring on the active IBLs and please allow my 110 /72 to breathe and demonstrate what it’s really capable of.


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