Unmarked Naim boxes

Hi there to all,
Maybe I,m little paranoid about this but has anyone else bought Naim items in their original boxes but not having any item description/serial numbers on the exterior.Over the years have bought a few naim items be it pre/power amps,phono stage and psu,s.These have all had there relevant infos attached to a label on the outside of the cardboard box.Recent purchase of a supercap (2021) was in a original naim box but nothing was attached to the outside.Am I missing something,or has this been a dubious private purchase.Any ideas!!

I’d be far more concerned about the unit than an unmarked box, for which there could be several explanations, which is a matter between you and the seller. To confirm the serial number email support at Naim and ask for confirmation that your unit matches the build record. On the rare occasion I have purchased anything privately, I have asked to see photos and additional ones if necessary; caveat emptor.

Original box was lost - box you have is a replacement…?

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Not Naim but had that happen with Densen. Equipment went back for repair and they sent in back in new box for better transit protection, unmarked box, no S/N etc as a net new box.

Probably just a replacement shipping carton.

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I have never listened to the box. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I bought and sold a 140 with a hi-cap box (or it might have been the other way around a while back and I can’t remember which box I had extra of) because the original owner had lost a box and it was all they had.

I got a new packaging when my nDAC went ‘home’, the correct serial number was added before it left the factory.

Definitely replacement boxes. I chucked all mine. When the 250 went for servicing it came back in a properly labelled box. But when I bought 6 replacement boxes from Naim, obviously those arrive blank with no labels.

Nothing to worry about at all. Naim can even give you the service history of the serial number if you are really concerned but I wouldn’t be.


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