Last night I saw M Ward at the Bush Hall. Extraordinary artist. Uusung. ‘What A Wonderful Industry’ great album as is the latest but a terrific back catalogue (Transfiguration of Vincent a masterpiece). Too many of these people around. Wonder if it would be worth sharing those artists we feel who need greater exposure so they don’t get ‘discovered’ 50 years later (Nick Drake and Judee Sill obvious candidates et al). So I’ll offer M Ward and Matt Deighton as starters. Over to you.


Big fan here of both M. Ward and the brilliant Matt Deighton. Saw him a few years ago at the Ramsgate Music Hall had a chat with him he was hoping Linda Lewis would turn up. I asked him to play the song Pinball. She didn’t and he didn’t.

Well M. Ward is an excellent start. Not as consistent as I’d want but the best is very good indeed.

I’ll go for Ruth Theodore. Started out as a sort of proggy (or arguably overly wordy and vague) folk artist and suddenly burst into something else poppy and inclusive via the wonderful Cactacus album.

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