Upcoming Holiday Season my Naim wishlist

Dear Naim:

I’ve been very good this last year, I helped Mom around the house and I didn’t torment my sister. I bought some new Naim equipment and I keep it nice and clean and stacked properly. I know I’m not grown up yet, but I seem to have developed an itch! Could I please ask for a new Pre-amp? Nothing too fancy just an updated Pre-amp range, something like the NAC 282 minus that second row of inputs!

Here’s my wishlist

  1. NAC 272.x
  2. NAC 272.y minus internal power supply
  3. NAC 282 face plate update like SN3
  4. Updated NAIM DAC in slimline case

I really do appreciate what you’ve done over the last year!! Great 2019 IMHO


Why is the second row of inputs on the 282 a problem? Whilst I don’t use mine the functionality is there if I ever need it and if I don’t it makes no difference to me anyway

Great question dayjay. For me I’d answer why does it need to be there? I’m fairly new to Naim and looking at other brands I don’t see this. I’m just thinking its left over from awhile ago. I don’t mean to offend but guess I’m a digital kiddy. Tape, as in Tape deck? Could Tape be replaced with Streamer something like what’s on the XS3/SN3

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One box headphone amplifier with remote volume.


I am sure the Naim Santa @charlie.henderson and all his little helpers are on the case😉


In that case I’ll get the chimney swept ?

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