Update from NAC 52 to NAC 52?

Hi guys
Think you know the situation.
It is is not really necessary, but you considering to do it nevertheless.

I have 52/SC 135 SBL.
My 52 is from 1995 with pots 8 but it has not been re-capped as far as I know. It has Grey Burndy.

I have been offered a 52 from 1999 - pots 8 an re-capped by class a in 2016. together with black cables.

Will there be an update in sound quality … should I do it ? :o)

Thanks for some thoughts.
best regards

You are missing the most important part: What does the new 52 cost, what can you get for yours, and what would it cost to have yours serviced and brought to the same standard?

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Get a quote from Class A to service yours. By the time you sell you’ll find that auction sellers will take 10 to 15% fees which will be £300 to £400. Be cheaper to service what you have.

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:slight_smile: The new one is 3,2K € … which is a bit too much I think. For 3k I will try to think about it.

I had it in mind to send my 52 to UK - but I am still a bit “afraid” because of the long travel from Germany to UK and back again.

What do you think I can get for my 52 from 1995?

I assume it is mainly the “want to have” factor… or does the sound improve a lot.
Like the sound of mine very much :slight_smile:

Selling your 52 in Germany and buying in Germany?

If so then probably a cheaper way of upgrading than sending back to the UK.

I have no idea what you can get for yours or about any sound differences. 52 owners will chime in.

However, do keep in mind that eBay takes 10% or more commission as Dan_M said above. Anyway, what you can expect to get for yours is a piece of information you should have. On the hifishark website you can search for sales prices from the past (but be aware that hifishark don’t vet anything and much of what they find on some of the websites that they are searching is fraudulent).

I see the concern about shipping the long way to UK, but did you check with Focal-Naim Germany (formerly MusicLine)? I don’t know if they can do a 52 but they can do many things.

Correct! Selling in Germany and buying in Germany!

It is not via Ebay (no fees :slight_smile: ) - I can go by car and pick it up directly.
Checked with Musicline as they are located 25 min away.
The do not service the 52 anymore as it it too complicated … double layer layout.

I understand the problem more fully now. Speak to Class A and find out about shipping and so on. Double box your 52 and pack with loads of bubble wrap in spaces. See if he can use his business insurance to and from yours. Will work out cheaper that way. Otherwise you will to try to sell something which is difficult to service. Here in UK it’s all easy in comparison.

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Is this a 52 and ps or just the 52?

Just 52! Without PS / SC - if you refer to the price.

Darran can speak for himself but he hadn’t got anything in place for receiving or sending kit post brexit.

Yes, thats what I was thinking and I agree with you. The price seems a little high.

What is a realistic price for 52 as mentioned (serviced / re-capped in 2016 - black cables…). under 3k? In what kind of range?
Realistic price for both seller and buyer? :slight_smile:

That is too hard to say. What is the market like right now? There is a serviced combination of 52 and ps for sale at auction in the UK at 3750 pound stirling. It has had no bids.

Yeah - have seen it. But this one is older than 1999 … I assume that 3K € is max I should spend for it. Hopefully mine will go for about 2300 - 2500 €.

I have no idea as to whether these sell more easily with or without the ps.

Thanks - I have no Idea either. Think that they will sell as good or bad either way. Maybe someone could tell if the sound is worth the effort!

I meant when you are selling yours. There are no fees for the buyer on eBay

Checked with Musicline as they are located 25 min away.
The do not service the 52 anymore as it it too complicated … double layer layout.

It makes more and more sense :slight_smile:

Personally I would keep the one you have and service it as it’s a known quantity.