Update from NAC 52 to NAC 52?

If you look at the costs and have a contact in the UK, you could still think about sending your 52 to the UK for service. There would be no vat or customs duty going to the UK. On return their would be vat due in Germany on the cost of the service. You would of course have to fill out the correct paperwork.

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Yes - that one thing and the risk of damage during transport is the second reason. I am so careful with my stuff, that take it to naim Germany directly (ok - 25 min ride) if there is need of service.
Sending the 52 in the whole wide world is not going well with my nerves I assume :slight_smile:

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I’d get your current one serviced and buy a new black Burndy.

Isn’t there a Naim service centre in Germany?

How do you know it will sound any better? Or enough better to justify all this? I’d stick where you are until you can hear a massive improvement for yourself. BTW what’s your main source? Max that out first.

In the FAQ section, Richard has compiled a chronological list of NAC 52 updates.

As the OPs 52 has Pots8, I would suggest keeping the existing 52 and servicing as required, perhaps getting the power supply done as well. Mine were done in 2020 by Naim (including Pots8), at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

WRT to the black burndy, I don’t have an opinion, but Ron Toolsie, who was active on the old forum in particular, thought that the incremental gains from a NAIM burndy on the 52 were less than those from replacing burndys elsewhere.

Thanks a lot!
My SC has a fresh service in 2017 or 2018 (must have look in the documenation).
As I remember, the Caps and amplifier are much more “hearable” when updated. Is this correct? I assume it might only be “I know, that it has got an update”
And yess - I know my 52 and it has sounded wonderful for 4 years now (bought it in 18)

here: service
he described an update in sound…

I had so much done to my system in a short space of time that I can’t delineate specific improvements I’m afraid.

Hopefully, Naim will be able to advise you via the serial number of your 52 what has occurred in its past, assuming you have not owned it from new. On that basis you should be able to make an informed decision.

I would not replace one 52 with another , myself. Conventional wisdom would suggest getting a 552 if you wish to upgrade within the Naim hierarchy, but this is something I for one have no desire to do.

The layout of the 1995 is a newer one. Checked this already. I think there might be some updates - but it already has the major one on board. Also it is Pots 8!
The only update might be the re-capping / service. And I do not know the effect of the pre-amplifier service. I really like the service effect on the NAP or CAPs.

I would suggest then that a service at Naim via your dealer would be the sensible option. Newer does not necessarily equate to better : optimise what you already have, and if desired, spend money elsewhere on your system.

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True speaking…
Had an “incident” recently, where I sold my Superline 3 Weeks after purchasing it. I preferred the older Prefix sound.
I am not planning going the same path again…


Nac 52 with pots 8 upgrade will sound better. Service is worthwhile and necessary for supercap as well. I used grey and black burndies and could detect no difference.


Mine is already POTS 8! SC is fresh serviced - what obout the little Tantals inside NAC52… is it more believing or hearing :slight_smile:

I’m intimately familiar with the 52 & PS mentioned earlier in the thread that a dealer is selling in UK. The 52 is a staff build so don’t know it’s exact age. It was serviced in 2018 or 2019 and there was an improvement but not night and day. (The PS was serviced in the other year, can’t remember which was which).

Originally it came with a grey Burndy and I changed to a black one that came up second-hand (after several years of waiting). For me the switch from grey to black was more significant than I’d expected. If I’d paid full price for the black Burndy I wouldn’t have been disappointed.



Thanks a lot - so going black (Scaic and Burndy) might be a step up also.
Can I still buy a black burndy for 52 new, or is this a wait and catch situation

A quick look on the web at one of the Naim dealer’s online shops and I can see the NAC52 Burndy listed for sale, so looks like a yes.

I did exactly this change years ago; it made sense for me economically vs internal upgrade/service at the time (on a trade in with the dealer in the UK) and it was a small but worthwhile SQ upgrade.


Thanks Richard! Will contact my Dealer so that I can order one here in Germany.

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Having just had my 52/SC serviced by Darran at Class A I would say it’s well worth it. The improvement is astonishing. And if you sold your existing & bought a newer 52 you would still, at some point, want to do the service.
Talk to Darran - I’m sure he will help.

If you did want to service an item in the UK, go on a holiday in Sheffield and visit Class A.

Lovely walking in the Peak District - e.g Mam Tor.

Then relax and enjoy.