Update NAC-N 272 rumors

While you are waiting, search ‘Roonify legacy streamer’…

I gave up and ordered a NDX2 and 252.


That’s the other alternative…

I gave up and ordered a Nd5xs2 and 252 :sunglasses:

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If you read through the extensive “Love the 272 please update” thread, you’ll find a hint from Naim that they are working on some sort of successor but that Covid-19 spoiled the schedule. Also the current situation with many issues related to the supply chain might hold Naim back to launch new product at this time.

Radio silence ever since :slight_smile:


See the new thread, NEW Uniti Atom headphone version, the first of Naim’s Streaming Pre amps based on the the new streaming platform.



Here you go:

The first preamp to use the new streaming platform, not the first of a new range of streaming preamps. Though you might infer that, it’s not being implied.

Wait and see!

Having read that, convinces me more so that a 272 replacement will be in the classic style…

I would have thought so too, as that is natural home for a decent streamer pre amp.

The Atom HE is a stand-alone headphone unit, it’s just neat that Naim chose to include the pre amp and intriguing that they included balanced outputs.

IMO, that enough to conclude that Naim’s New Streaming Platform will be applied to other products, in due course. Which may - or may not - result in a ‘272 V2’ or something similar.

Having given up waiting and taking delivery of my 252 on Monday I’m sure the replacement for the 272 will arrive soon. I’ve taken one for the team. :grin:


You will now be the forum legend!


There has to be a 272 V2, there is such a pent up demand as evidenced on this forum that Naim would be crazy to ignore the commercial potential of such a product…

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I tend to think that as well, but I also bear in mind that the Forum Members only represent a small amount of the Naim Customer base … only Naim will know, isn’t it?

If six was twelve, and twelve was nine……………

I expect that the sales of the 272 were well below those of the latest Uniti’s though.

…yes but with the trend back to vinyl, it means 2 additional tiers are more often being taken up on a Fraim stack with TT’s and phono stages, which makes a good quality streaming pre-amp, in a single box, that technologically gets closer to separates performance, more desirable for keeping to a single stack hifi footprint. On a standard 6 tier Fraim you could have; TT/Phono Stage/272 V2/Any PS/NAP250DR or NAP300DR.

Its a powerful argument for those that desire high end quality hi-fi on a minimal footprint. I suspect an increasing pent up demand of new Naimee’s with Uniti’s sat on their sideboards that would like to move forward but (perhaps pressured by spouses) dread the thought of multiple Fraim’s and spaghetti taking over their living rooms…