Update Naim Uniti to Multiroom

Hoping someone can help. I have an original Naim Uniti that I would like to update to support multiroom. However I can’t check what sw version I am running because the screen has failed. I did have the Uniti updated in 2017 to S/W:3.22 and installed the 192 upgrade kit. Can anyone advise whether it is compatible and even if I can’t check is there any harm simply attempting the upgrade? Or will I need to use the screen to complete this?

You can check the settings version via the app if you want, but if the Uniti has been modded for 192 kHz by Naim then you are quite safe to apply the latest firmware, which is 4.7. You don’t need to be able to read the screen to do it, although Naim do recommend a factory reset after installing the firmware and you might need someone to guide you through the key presses to achieve that without the display. But having said that I never found a factory reset to be necessary after a firmware update on a legacy streamer.



Multiroom functionality predates the 3.22 firmware you are running, so you are already good to go, assuming you have another Naim streamer on your network.
I would recommend doing the latest 4.7 update anyway for the other benefits it brings, but if you don’t bother, it doesn’t matter.

I lost my multiroom functionality earlier this year for a couple ofmonths; my firmware is up to date and the only difference in my setup was I was using lms-to-UPnP to make the system use Roon. I installed a new switch this week and multiroom functionality has returned.

I think multiroom with muso and Qb was a later firmware than 3.22, but whether that is what he wants to do, I don’t know!


Thanks all for the tips. I successfully updated to sw 4.7 this weekend. There is no multiroom icon appearing in the app. Will that only appear once I have another compatible naim streamer in my network? I wanted to confirm my old Uniti was compatible before investing in a new Uniti.

I’m not sure whether it shows with only one streamer on the network. But are you looking for it in the right place? The multiroom icon is on the now-playing screen at the bottom right (on an iPhone anyway). It’s a group of four squares in a square. Once you have something playing you tap that icon and it gives you a list of players so you can select which you want to multiroom, also you can set sound levels.



Multiroom option is not showing if there is only one device in the network. I have an old Uniti (the board not even upgraded) and it receives and plays the multiroom signal from Muso QB just fine.

You need to enable multiroom under the list of inputs on the app.

As already mentioned, if you don’t have another Naim streamer on your network, the multiroom button will not show, and it should be enabled in the input settings menu.

Thanks all for the responses. Looks like I need to get another naim on my network, but otherwise sounds like I am good to go.

Yes, all you have to do is spend some money!

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