UpDate NDX with RS232/RS232 cable

Hello, I have an old NDX with RS232 update plug not USB. Can I always use a RS232/RS232 cable to upgrade the 4.6.00 to 4.7.00 or should I absolutly I used a USB (PC side) / RS232 (NDX side) with an special driver ? Thank’s to help me.

The update guide shows rs 232 to usb but I can’t see why rs 232 to rs 232 won’t work
I think it shows a USB on the computer end simply because that’s the common connection on laptops

I’m afraid of making an irreversible change, modifying the firmware is always tricky.
i don’t want to damage my NDX. It run well enough for me now. It is just to be updated.

I’ve updated with both and each method works fine.

If you already have the RS232 to RS232 cable and a suitable serial port then there should be no issue updating.

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Thank you, I can try it.

The NDX update is well done with the RS232/RS232 cable.


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RS232 to RS232 is fine, and might even be preferable. The USB to RS232 is simply emulating RS232 via the USB connector.

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