Update to 4.8 Firmware - UnitiLite (2016)

I’ve purchased a 2016 UnitiLite which has Firmware 4.4. I need to update to 4.8 but I can’t find the essential ‘how to’ guidelines.

Where should I be looking for the guidelines? Many thanks.

It’s on this page on Naim’s website. Scroll down to where the streamers are covered. The instructions are clearly available there.

I’d tried this but see the message The page you were looking for doesn’t exist.

Oh yes, I see that. How absurd - Naim is not good at websites I’m afraid.

The download is still there though. If you know how to do these updates then you can press on with the download and do the update. But if you haven’t done one before, then I suggest you call Naim Support and get them to email you the guide. It’s not that difficult but there are a couple of things that aren’t obvious.

Thank you for the suggestion.

You will need the “how to” Instructions .pdf as it contains links to download the correct USB drivers for COM ports.
Unfortunately I junked my copy when I replaced my laptop.
Best call Naim Support & get that important .pdf

With considerable assistance from Jordan Baker of Naim, I have installed 4.8 to replace 4.4. Looking forward to resuming TIDAL

Many thanks…

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Glad to see that the OP is now sorted, but last time I looked, the pdf instructions were no longer included with the 4.8 update download. It’s also missing from the original instructions posted by @Richard.Dane so perhaps someone at Naim needs to dig them out again.

I haven’t found the pdf, possibly I didn’t keep it, but all the info is on the link above.

The “Naim at freshdesk” site has been rearranged and the pdf lost in the process.

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