Firmware 4.8 update – for legacy Naim streaming products

This essential update will ensure the legacy streaming products from Naim can continue to stream TIDAL, which has implemented a new login authorisation process that affects older generations of products from many brands, not just Naim. Please note the new TIDAL implementation is also dependent on users running at least version 5.22 (iOS devices) or 2.22 (Android devices) of the Naim App, which itself gets a minor update to 5.22.1/2.22.1 this week.

The firmware updates also feature a range of other improvements and bug fixes, fully detailed below.

Affected legacy products: UnitiQute/Qute 2; UnitiLite; Uniti/Uniti 2; SuperUniti; NAC-N 172; NAC-N 272; ND5 XS; NDX; NDS

If you stream TIDAL via any of the above Naim products, you must now update to Firmware 4.8 or you will no longer to be able to access the service.

TIDAL has implemented a new login authorisation process that affects older generations of products from many brands – not just Naim. Without a software update, TIDAL will simply stop streaming.

Firmware 4.8 does NOT apply to products running versions of Naim software prior to 3.00, or to any product with an n-Link connection. These will continue to function as they do currently – please DO NOT attempt the upgrade, which could stop your product from working at all.

Firmware 4.8


  • TIDAL login authorisation update. NB: Also requires Naim App 5.22 or 2.22 or later
  • HLS encoded stations other than BBC now play (eg. Rock On Radio)


  • Radio - Stations / podcasts that need TLS1.3 HTTPS now play (eg. Wyldwood radio)


  • Podcasts under Ireland > Bookish would fail to play
  • Multiroom clients would be disconnected from a new platform master when playing unsupported sample rates or entering standby
  • Stations under France → All → NRJ Nostalgie failed to play
  • Playing a track tagged with accented characters would cause Naim app to lose connection
  • Error when seeking playback during a gapless transition period
  • Long DSD tracks would not play all the way through
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An important reminder; Please download the pdf guide relevant to you found in the Naim Help Centre (link above) and read thoroughly before attempting to update your Naim product.

If the screen on your product is faded or no longer functional, you can check which current firmware your product is on through the Naim App.

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