Updated album artwork on Core not updating on Nova

I just added a Unity Core That is being used with a Nova.

I have an issue when changing the artwork for a ripped CD on the Core. The Naim iOS app shows the refreshed album art thumbnail for both the Core and the Nova. However, the Nova screen on the unit shows the album art/image from the initial rip (wrong meta data). On some ripped CD’s, the Nova will show the updated album art for a couple of seconds, but then revert to the old/wrong image.

I have tried clearing the image cache on both units via the Naim app. I reset the DB on the Core. No change.

What am I doing wrong? How do I fix this behavior of the updated album art thumbnails that display correctly in the iOS app but not streamed / updated to the Nova.

Any ideas?

You will probably find that if you restart the Nova (ie take the power off and then turn it on again), the artwork problem will correct itself.

I believe this is a known bug that Naim are working on.



Thanks. I called Naim support this morning. They could not resolve issue. ‘Level 2’ will look into it next week.

I power cycled, reset physical devices, cleared image caches and reset the iOS apps. Same behavior. The Nova shows the updated artwork for 1-2 seconds and then reverts back to the ‘cover front.png’ from the Music directory on the Core. I even tried to edit the ‘cover front.png’ image in photoshop, but the files are protected and won’t allow for any edits.

Where are you getting the replacement images from? Try using .jpg artwork.

I am using the Naim app to update the cover art. After you choose the image you prefer, it saves it as a .jpg to the same Music directory as the coverart.png

Wouldn’t it be high time for Naim to introduce an issue tracking system which can be monitored by users?

What I don’t get is why the Core has kept .png artwork for an album in the first place, when it should be using .jpg

Cover front.png was what originally Naim decreed that the cover art file should be if you put downloads into the downloads folder but this requirement was changed or abandoned early on. So presumably at one stage this was what cover art was saved as.

Understanding what you are describing, I don’t think this is something that has been reported before and isn’t something that has been mentioned in beta testing.

I am wondering whether your Core has the latest firmware and also whether you have tried a factory reset?



The OP said the problem .png artwork was in Core CD rips, which seems odd to me. If he had added .png artwork to a download, I can see that it might be a problem, but I thought the Core would have used a .jpg

Yes I know, but what I mean is that that png file has been part of Naim’s thinking in the past and perhaps it’s a hangover from that. I was wondering whether the Core still has early firmware on it, but I can’t believe it has firmware from pre-metadata editing unless it was old stock or ex-demo.


My Core was reset and has the current firmware. It was purchased new from a Naim dealer last week.

I agree the front cover.png approach seems dated. A more standard folder.jpg seems to make more sense. I understand the marketing reasons for a unique and proprietary approach to managing the music library on the core, but it would be nice if Naim implemented market accepted ‘standards’. Maybe this can be addressed in a firmware update?

I wonder whether there is a Nova firmware issue here. It would be worth drawing this attention to the Naim developers but hopefully the Nsim second line support will do that.

It’s odd that no-one else has reported this issue during Nova beta testing though.



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