Updated App and IRadio

Noticed that all my apps have updated which resulted in all sorts of issues across my iPads and iPhone. Kept resulting in the units appearing and disappearing. After turning all I’ve my network off it seems to have got better except for iRadio buffering! I listen to ClassicFM a lot (I know) and since the app upgrade it keeps starting and stopping every few seconds, with sometimes a 60s break. Does anyone else have this issue please?

No problems as you report, but the buffer is in your steamer/player, not the app or the device the app is working with.
What is it (are they) ??

Hmmm…it’s a Muso, Muso Qb first gen and a ND5 XS. Was fine until the app upgrade. Thank you.

Hi again, I’ve jus checked my NDX which will have a similar buffer & other parts to ND5.
ClassicFM @ 128kb/s, BBC HD’s @ 338kb/s & R.Paradise @320kb/s are all showing 100% & no variations, as seen on both the NDX display & the app now playing screen.

Sorry I’m not much help, but I would start looking at your broadband line & hub.
Is it all ethernet wired or some/all wireless

Also maybe worth a complete system power cycle -
Shut down everything that is connected or associated with your network – wireless hub, network player, NAS, switch, control device (iPad/Pod, Android) etc…
Leave the wireless hub off for 5 or even 10 minutes: This allows the ISP to recognise that the router has gone offline.

When powering up, wait until each item has completed its switch on process before powering up the next item, that gives the wireless hub time to establish a link to each item.

Restart the system in the following order
Wireless hub - let it fully complete its start process.
NAS - let it complete its start process
Network player(s) . a Naim network player should find the network automatically but may need some time or manual help with the front panel buttons.
Control Device – in some cases of network discovery problems it might be beneficial to reset or even delete & re-install the app.

Thanks Mike-B that has been a great help. I have a Virgin Media Hub, a netgear switch and some devolo piped stuff through my lecky cables. I had my suspicions it may well be the Hub 3.0 on the blink as the WiFi speed is pants as well. Much obliged sir.

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OK, I will add to power up the Netgear switch after the Virgin, then ASAP dump the Devolo stuff.

No way to devolo…I have used them for years with no problem, albeit I’m in IT I love to sail close to the wind…lol.

One of the useful things I found when researching radio stations, was that against each one there was an indication of the kbps rating. I generally wouldn’t listen to anything below 320.

This seems to have disappeared.

Baby. Bathwater.

I don’t see any missing kb/s indicators Mike …
… I see kb/s number s against each station in all browsing screens & what’s playing screen.
Can you be more specific or post a pic on what’s missing

Ahh !!! you look like an iPhone, if that’s not being too forward.
I’m told I look like an iPad

I still have the bit rates in the iPhone version too.

LG V30 with Android.

More wierdness - opening from “Favourites” and suddenly I lost everything except “Albums”.

Then iRadio came back, then “Playlists”. But without logos.

Lots more wrinkles to iron out on the app., NAIM. :angry:

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