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I’m using Unitiserve/SSD to rip – music is stored on Synology NAS. I have quite a few albums that failed to find artwork at ripping. Is there any easy way to correct this – anyone suggest a database that I can get correct artwork from, ideally for free! I don’t want to change my streaming setup right now. If you need further details, just ask…


You can do this from within the n Serve app which runs on your iPhone.From memory, I think you select the album, the click on a small “edit” icon, you then get options to do things like “remove cover” , “edit cover” , edit album name etc. Select “edit album cover” and then “web search” which should take you to google results of the album. Select the image you wish to use, then the option “ use this image “. This will update the image for you. I don’t think there is any way to manually go into the database to edit albums because of the proprietary and non standard nature of the NAIM metadata used on the Unitiserve. It has to done using the NAIM app.

Are you using he latest firmware 1.7c for the Unitiserve ? Several recent threads about this, the latest version has improved the on line search facility for metadata which the Unitiserve uses when you rip CDs.

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Paul’s advice regarding album artwork is spot on.

I’d just add that where the artwork search throws up an incorrect album cover, which does happen now and again, then the Google search page, which is the default source for album art, can then be further searched by typing in the album title within the open page, which will then usually provide the correct image.

And just to add to the good advice from Paul and Dave, the importance of having 1.7c firmware is that this stops the Unitiserve from spending lots of time trying to find the AMG metadata service which closed several years ago and queuing AMG tasks that can never be fulfilled. If you don’t have 1.7b then you also haven’t got the alternative lookup service that Naim added in, so a Unitiserve on 1.7a or earlier is going to struggle with metadata lookup.



Thank you guys. when I tried n-serve on my iPad earlier, it didn’t work – now I have deleted the application and re-installed – it seems to be working now…


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