Upgrade advice 52 or 552 or Radikal 1 Urika upgrade to Lp12

As I’ve said before, all this nonsense that the new series blows everything that came before out of the water is clearly nothing more than mischief-making/trolling.

That said I’m sure it’s excellent, it comes from very good stock!


Look I asked the dealer how he thinks the system compares to a 252 300DR system and he said that the 300 isn’t run in yet. He said some will be prefer Classic and some New Classic.

The NCs are very very good. But so is Olive, Classic and Chrome Bumper.

I wanted to see what the 350s were capable of but he said I hadn’t booked a demo and that is fair enough. It’s their busiest day catching up with paperwork and so on.

I think if you are after clarity and a clean crisp presentation then you will say the 300 series is alot better. I get that.

I feel that my mixed system has great depth and soul which was somehow missing from the 300 series today.

I’m listening to CDS2 at moment, making use of XPS2, 52 and Supercap 2 and it sounds mesmerising, captivating and warm. But it does not sound clear, neutral or particularly detailed in comparison. The 333 streamer did.


I think the pricing of the 300 series new is about right. The streamer is below what the NDS was when it came out. I think there is room for another streamer above and one above that in the new Naim range. Be interesting to see what they do.

Also, will they do a 500 power supply?

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Thanks Graeme, I am really enjoying my system. And the fact that I did the road trip and got them all done in a day and set it up in 15 mins as soon as I got back makes me smile too!

I love my set up. We have similar set ups and you know what I think I agree about not changing them.

I think I probably will in time but that’s another story.

For now this is sonic bliss.

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I did ask if they had sold many and answer was lots of interest. Which means they haven’t sold many. It’s not run in yet so I don’t think audiofiles are ready to buy yet.

It’s a big investment. But I don’t think 300 series is flying off the shelves if you catch my drift.

I am not in a position to buy the 300 series and I have just invested in buying a 52 and getting equipment serviced. £1600 on powerlines and new speakers costing £7k.

So my budget of upgrades upto £10k is blown as I spent £12k plus travel costs!.

Was it worth it? Definitely? Will I do it again? Erm… maybe :rofl:


Some people will prefer Olive, some will prefer New Classic 200 series and some will prefer New Classic 300 series………

Sorry, what was the question again? :joy:

That room looks like it would sound awful.


The acoustics aren’t great. They have separate listening room. But I wasn’t there to do a proper demo.

Something about why is the 52 so sought after? Because it’s so b****y good that’s why! Just plays music beautifully :+1:


@Dan_M your system is top notch especially after the service, many years of listening pleasure ahead. Ive also reached a place were the thoughts of any upgrade are long gone with no interest in the NC range even though its probably pretty good.

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Been in that room and it’s certainly not very good for sound quality.
Also as you say the kit was still very fresh out the box, that and the room really doesn’t give it a fair go at all.
But at least it did even with above show you a clearer more refined sound, so should be a good sign that once run in and set up better, it should give much more.


To be honest Dunc, the room is a bit of a shambles and wouldn’t take much to sort out. The metal racks are all bowing. A big rug and maybe some acoustic treatment would improve things. Tbf they do have a separate listening room but I didn’t go in there. I was just there for an hour while I waited for boxes to be serviced. They were very busy catching up on paperwork and don’t think they wanted me there! They didn’t even try to sell me anything.

I am potentially looking at ND5XS2 to use as streamer and NDS as DAC! They had one there used demo. I could have done a deal.

Anyway. Looking at getting NDS screen replaced. Have contacted Audio T Brighton.

I was interested in the 350s particularly with 175 watts per channel and asked to turn it up. They said no unfortunately.

Thanks @HiFiman. The system is top notch. Spent alot of money on it recently.

Biggest improvement is speakers. But adding 52 and getting 3 boxes serviced means everything is serviced within last 4 years so absolutely top notch now.

My system is absolutely banging!


There’s no point getting NC if we have this level of kit. You’d just be wasting your money. Yes, in 5 years time maybe if you prefer the NC sound then swap it out. But buying new you will loose 50% in 5 years. Just like buying brand new car.


It’s a 52 Dan! :kissing_heart:

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Maybe I want a 252 as well!

Looked at so many 252s thought I had one. Edited. Thanks @Blackbird.

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I won’t stop you :smile:

Sideways step imo

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