Upgrade advice 52 or 552 or Radikal 1 Urika upgrade to Lp12

Hi Dan,
Sounds like a good approach to me. As I said you were so pleased with the last 3 main upgrades (ekos2, DV cart and TE groove), less so with Karousel, but I’m sure all 4 together give you a great result. Sit back and put some of your favourite black stuff on and try and just enjoy that for a while before upgrading. Not sure but the lingo is possibly less invasive than the radikal, although not sure about the later lingos. I‘m out of touch with linn upgrades since 2006 so can’t really advise there

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More thoughts on system changes:

A nice 500 non DR has come up 2010 immaculate. My thoughts are as follows: suggest they accept trade in on 2 x 135s, CDS2 and XPS2. Pay the difference, reduce box count by 2 and end up with 500.

Much as I like the 135s I fancy more power and greater gravitus so 500 will fit the bill.

The CDS2 is great, as are the 135s but I don’t think I’d miss them now at all.

I am at a 13 box system so this would reduce it to 11. What do you think?

The 500 is on at £7500. Or should I just leave it alone ?

Go for it :+1:
The Nap 500 is much much better than Nap 135’s.
CDS 2 is just a cdplayer outperformed by a good Streamer.


Bear in mind it can’t be DR’d.

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I agree Mtuttleb

Dan don’t go anywhere at this stage - reducing box count from 13 to 11 , so what!!

Enjoy what you have

You have other more important issues to get through


I have emailed the dealer to see what they can do. I may ignore your advice. I feel the need for change to keep my mind occupied. Let’s see what they come up with. I just feel a massive itch and want.to stretch myself mentally and emotionally with my system.


I have always wanted a 500 system. I will do what’s right for me. If the deal is no good I won’t do it. If I can’t get it DRd no sweat. Can always sell it.

This could be the right deal. It could be the wrong deal. Let’s see what they come back with.

I have always wanted more power. So for me there is no time like this time.


Keep it non DR ,especially with the Nac 52.


You seem negative to any form of change @anon17458420. Change can be good. I have had my 135s for over 5 years. To change them out and sell some other gear shouldn’t be a negative thing.

Very positive @Igel. I think non DR500 and 52 should work well.


Why won’t I get much for 135s.and CDS2 and XPS2? You are extremely negative.

Get it if you can. I love mine. If you have had normal sized naim boxes all your live it is very special to let this boogie machine in.


I agree. This is my opportunity. And with selling off gear the price will be small.

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Yes. I am sure you are coming from a good place. This is more a less a swap for a few thousand. It isn’t going to impact me. Let’s see what they cone up with.

But you do have a very negative tendency. I am saying that as your friend. It’s in best possible regard but sometimes people need positive vibes.

And you don’t do that!

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The CDS2s are still selling. People still want them. The XPS2 has been serviced.

The 135s are serviced.

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Go for it Dan if it feels right and don’t cause you any stress. I’ve been through sh*t like you now and it’s so important to focus on things that make you feel good and shut bad things off. I don’t see this could get you in trouble. I mean, worst thing is one have to sell off some products and scale down. I’m prepared for that such could happen in the future due to unknowns but if there is something I’ve regret in the past it is not stretching it bit further, bit earlier. Fill your life with what is fun. If that’s kids, NAP500 or all of it. Just do it :green_heart:


Thank you @Blackbird. I need positivity.

Hello Dan. You are being too hard on Mark. You ask what people think and you’ve had honest advice. Mark thinks you’d be better off just enjoying what you have, and it’s offered as a genuine and thoughtful piece of advice.

Clearly you are in a dreadful situation, and if swapping boxes distracts you and makes you happy, then swapping boxes may be the right thing to do. Only you know whether it is or not, but please don’t get cross with people who are taking time to try to help you.

The forum is very good at spending people’s money but sometimes the answer is not to spend. Only you know that. If you want the 500 then just get it, and it may be best not to ask in the first place. I can’t remember the last time I asked for advice about hifi on here, I just do what I want, going with gut instinct. If you ask for advice you need to accept that you won’t agree with all of it, and if all you want is ‘go on’ responses it’s probably best just to do it. You know what’s right. You have lots of experience and I’m sure you’ll make the right decision without our assistance.

I do hope that makes sense.


Hi Dan,
I also believed in what I said.
You were a bit harsh with your remarks and some of it rings true but the extremes of what you say are far from it and below the belt.
Let’s just move on and I will not react to such posts anymore because yes the forum is very good at spending people’s money.
Thanks to Nigel as well for his words which to me are spot on.
All the best and good luck

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Okay lads, tomorrow is another day.

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