Upgrade advice and suggestions

Hi, have around 2k GBP to spend on an upgrade and would welcome suggestions from the forum, as you all have plenty of wisdom to share! Current setup is:

202 + 250
Speakers - B&W 704 (from 2004)

V happy with sound overall, and am primarily looking for something that will further open up the sound. Thanks!

I think the only thing that can dramatically change the sound in such system are speakers.

Might be checking with your local dealer if you can audition/part ex. your 202 for a new (or used) 282. Not sure if it will meet your £2k budget but worth a try… Enjoy!


Assuming you are happy to entertain second hand then I would suggest replacing the 202 with a used 282. A 202/250 isn’t known to be a happy match and a 282 is way ahead of a 202.

A used 282 will cost around about £2k depending on age, you will also have a 202 to trade which will realise £700 to £800.

With the money from the 202 you could look for a used Naim DAC which come in for around £1000 or less. This would provide a useful upgrade of the source too.

Are the HiCap and 250 DR models, and when were they serviced?


In your case definitely a 282.

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As others have said, a 282 would be a tremendously good way to go.

Best regards, BF

Agree with the above. I think a 282 will not only open up your sound, but give you a real sense of depth. You’ll be replaying everything, so set some joy time aside!

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Err… 282… maybe…? No - definitely… :sunglasses:

I have 82-HC-250 - :blush:

I’d echo the others here. A used 282 will be a great match for the 250 and you already have the Hi-Cap.

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I bought my 82, in 2014, used - or pre-loved (thank you TomTom) - and even now, its still probably the best upgrade I have ever done.

Another vote for 282, there are a few around at decent prices. It is much better than the 202 in terms of detail and soundstage. Just opens everything up.

Wow, this is great advice, thanks for coming back so quickly. I had thought the 282 is the way to go. Just curious if anyone else has had the b&w 704 before? I’ve not auditioned any other speakers for a long while, and have always been happy with them. But obviously don’t know what I might be missing! I did listen to the successor, the 704s2 a few years ago and felt it was way below mine in range and depth - they sounded very brittle.

I cannot comment on any B&W speaker. But, I will say that I tend to leave my speakers alone and concentrate on what drives them. I also spend less on speakers, than on the rest of the system. I blame the Linn Kan’s I had… :sunglasses:

My current Kudos X3’s are the first ones ‘bigger’ than my Kan’s on their stands… :sunglasses:


Don’t see a SubWoofer in your set-up :wink:

Probably a 282, quite possibly room treatment (bass traps / treating first reflection points) or maybe the speakers.

It all depends on your listening preferences - the only way to be certain is to try it out.

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282 second hand, +1

Guess what, a 102 - Naaah just joking, another 282 vote here!

Thanks again everyone, definitely gravitating towards the 282. Great advice, thank you!


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