Upgrade advice from Rega P8 and Uniti Nova needed

Start with a better phono stage, cheapish to sort with second hand, and see how much difference a change of phono stage makes to your enjoyment. Plenty to choose from, Rega Aria, Graham Slee, and others, all for a few hundred pounds if you wait for the opportunity. Generally a dedicated phono will be a better solution than a built-in stage.

Nothing wrong with the interconnects, or indeed everything else.

It is easy just to throw money at the fashionable flavour of the month, and end up spending much more than you need to end up with what does not deliver contentment?

But…what do I know…just how I would spend my money given your system components.

(Easy for me to spend your money…)

(Once you start to scratch an itch, it soon ends up a nasty rash, and can get scabby, and may take some time to heal completely)


@Klout10 I had a similar itch with my Rega P7 recently.

However it developed a fault and lost a channel.

The tonearm was sent to Audio Origami for repair. Whilst there I took the opportunity to upgrade all of the internal wiring.

Not a massively expensive upgrade but it has made a substantial improvement to my aging Rega. The next step will be a new phono stage.


Thank you all for your kind replies and thinking along with me - I really appreciate this! Gave my friendly dealer a call today and the conclusion is indeed to upgrade the P8 cartridge and phono preamp … he also mentioned the Primare R35 phono pre which would give very good results in combination with the Rega Apheta 3 and is in a similar price range as the Rega Aria.

Obviously I will listen to that combination later but I wonder if there is any experience here with the Primare R35??

No personal experience with the Primare R35 but reviews are generally (very) positive. Hopefully you can listen to both at your dealer’s next time.

It might be worth considering a used Rega Ios (forerunner of the Aura) if your dealer can find you one.

I heard a Rega RP8, Apheta and Ios at my dealer’s once and it certainly made me question the turntable path I have gone down.

But you may insist on new…

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If you are staying with a Rega cart it would make sense to stay with the best Rega phono stage you can afford. They will be well matched. If you are thinking of trying a non Rega cart then other phono stages could be considered.

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I’d expect quite a different performance from Primare, if its like other of their kit, not very lively to put it blunt.

I can agree on the IOS recommendation as I have one myself, trounced Aria to be honest.

Aria is good but again a Fono with beefed PSU doesn’t make it up there with the best.
Many s/h available at much reduced price, wonder why ?

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Thinking of getting a 1 box solution (moving from nac272 + nap250). I did once have a Goldnote S1 amplifier in the past and owning a Goldenote phonostage at the moment I think I could live with the IS-1000 (deluxe).

I also do know that Goldnote had som quirks in the past. The question is how is the app to controle the device? (vs Naim?)