Upgrade advice from Rega P8 and Uniti Nova needed

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone!

I have asked questions in several topics lately about possible upgrades and/or changes to my system, but I think a separate topic is more appropriate.

I am actually quite satisfied with my current set, but over the past period it has started to itch… my system consists of a Rega P8 with Ania MC, Rega Fono MC, cheapish Van den Hul interconnect, Naim Uniti Nova and a pair of lovely Dynaudio Special Forty speakers.

I am very happy with my speakers and really don’t want to change them. I’m also very fond of a single box, so I don’t want to go the NSC 222 / NAP 250 route.

I see the following two options:

Linn Selekt DSM Edition hub. I read a lot of good stories about this, so I will definitely listen to it at a dealer (unfortunately not around the corner). I like the modular approach very much - starting out with e.g. a Katalyst DAC and move to Organik later … I’m also very curious about the quality of the built-in phono stage in the Linn. Any idea’s if this is comparable to the Rega Fono MC?

As an alternative I could also replace the Rega P8 with a P10 together with a better phono stage, but I’m just not sure if this makes sense.

Your thoughts are well appreciated!

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Hi @Klout10 and Happy New Year to you also.

You may be aware that I’ve just changed everything for a Linn Selekt DSM; Edition Hub and am extremely pleased with it

You are correct that the Selekt has a MC / MM Phono Input.

I don’t know where you’re located, but I got mine from Cymbiosis in Leicester who are a Dealer for Linn, Naim and Rega.

All I can suggest is to arrange a demo with them to try the Selekt with a Rega TT and if you can, take your speakers with you for the demo as this will give you a good idea of what it would sound like at home.

The LInn Selekt DSM would be a step up from the Naim Uniti Nova, plus they also do part exchange which may help

Knowing what the Selekt sounds like for us, would suggest that the Phono section should be good as they’ve had digital phono inputs for a while now.



Try a Vertere Phono with a Vertere Redine interconnect. Transformed my P8.

I’d agree that the phono stage is probably holding back vinyl SQ. Rega, Dynavector and Vertere are all possible choices.

While a P10 is an upgrade from a P8, that is probably less of an issue at this stage imho. My girlfriend uses a P6, Fono and Nova, and swapping boxes has made it pretty clear that the Fono is the weak point, even if it is great VFM.

If you want to keep your speakers (and why wouldn’t you?) and really want to stick to 1 box, then the Linn may be a worthwhile upgrade from the Nova. Only your ears can tell, so I too think a demo with your speakers and a better phono stage and a P8 is the obvious next step.

Personally, I’d hear a Supernait (great value on eBay) and NDX2 or ND5XS2 (ditto) as a 2 box option before deciding that I was adamant about 1 box only. However, we are all different and I don’t know what would work well in your living room.

Good luck!


Ania & Fono is obvious holding the P8 back.

I’d start there depending on budget, if not Rega cartridge then maybe Rega Aura or IOS if you want to stay MC.

Cartridges is a jungle.

Thank you all for your replies, well appreciated!

I hadn’t thought about getting another cartridge and phone stage until now. Of course, this is also worth considering!

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I wonder if it’s worth going too far with a better phono and cart while still maintaining the Nova. As good as the Nova is, a P8 / Apheta 3/ Aria deserves more than a not really analog integrated as the Nova.
Just wondering…
However, one thing is obvious, the Fono is more suited to P1, P2, or eventually P3.
But before upgrading the cart and phono, it would be clever to think where put the best upgrades for money and if the Nova will be upgraded later or not.


Thanks @frenchrooster - makes sense. I wonder … the Uniti Nova indeed converts the analogue signal to digital but the Linn does that as well.

I can recall someone on the forum using a P10 with a Nova, but unfortunately I’m unable to find who that is …

It’s certainly the case that the Aria phono stage is a big step up from a Fono MC. The P10 is also substantially better than the P8. I do wonder though, if you want a big step up, whether putting an MM on the Rega would mean that a 222/250 would be the same number of boxes as a Nova with a larger phono stage. Bear in mind also that the CI-Uniti 102 is on the way. I’ve no idea what it might be, but it may be interesting.

Remember also that just because you have an itch, you don’t need to scratch it. Having downsized just over a year ago from NDX2, XPSDR and Supernait 3 to a Nova, it’s surprising how good a Nova actually is. How much improvement does £6,000 or whatever actually bring? You say you are happy with what you have, which isn’t something everyone says.


There is also the possibility that the Nova may be replaced in not too distant future


Happy New Year!

I’ve just downsized from an original Naim NDX and Supernait 2 and separate Gold Note PH10 phono stage and PSU10 power supply to a Gold Note IS1000 Deluxe all in one. And I am not disappointed - it really plays tunes very well. (I’m rubbish at describing sound signatures!) I did a comparison with the Naim Nova at the demo and to my ears the Gold Note was quite bit better than the Nova. Of course, everyone hears these things differently! The IS1000’s internal phono stage is broadly based on the PH10 - it wasn’t as good as the separate PH10/PSU, which is to be expected, but I was more than happy with the compromise to get to a one box solution.

I’ve had Naim gear in various guises since the early 1980s but I was keen to move to a one box solution and the Gold Note fitted the bill and really is very good (IMHO).

Worth a demo if you have a Gold Note dealer nearby.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts @HungryHalibut - well appreciated! Indeed some food for thought …

I wonder, what is that: CI-Uniti 102?

I’m a regular visitor of the forum, but I can’t recall that one.

I’ve no idea what it is, presumably part of a 100 series. Probably best to say no more.


One huge item to be aware of: If you use the Linn’s built-in Space Optimisation, the improvement in the music transcends the upgrades available from the usual moving up the food chain. My finding only but I moved from an Aura to usung the inboard MC phono stage (with SO), and the improvement was vast. I concede that my amps/speakers do ‘do’ bass, so comparrisons are not guaranteed to be either transferable, yet alone generalisable…but, if I switch SO out, what I used to think sounded great, in fact sounds a mess.


Of course it will work, but for example with the budget of Nova, P10, Apheta, Aria, you can have Rega P8 / Apheta 3/ Aria / Nd5xs2 / SN3. I believe the later will sound better.
You can also have Rega P8, Exact, NSC 222 and Nap 200: same source you have already, but much better pre/ amp and better streamer.



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If it were me, I would stay with the P8 and replace the Ania with Apheta3 (I now have a P10, but when I owned a P8 I went from Ania Pro to Apheta3, which was a very obvious and worthwhile upgrade) and get a better phono stage. The Rega MC Fono stage is quite good, but an upgrade to e.g. Vertere, Rega Aria or Gold Note PH-10 (I have the latter) would no doubt be a major improvement. I don’t know the Nova very well, but I believe the improvements would still be obvious/easy to hear.


My thoughts too referring to earlier post, Ania is the weak item along with Fono, not the Nova nor Dynaudio loudspeakers.

I doubt you get full benefit from Apheta if going Aria.
Its a very expensive cartridge and Aria is same circuit as Fono with a beefier PSU and MM stage left unused.
If Aura is out of budget, IOS might come in as an option.

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I’m today using a Nova with Aura as pre, with RP10 / DV XX2-MKII and very happy with the sound

Made comparison between Aria/Aura …Aura stayed :wink:


Thanks @Hififan … looking at the Aura, I can only say that the build quality must be stunning according to the internet pictures