Upgrade Advice - Path to take

I use XS 172 pre amp with a XS 155 power amp driving Ovator 400s.

a. I am thinking of adding a streamer in the form of NDX2. So the existing Pre & Power amp combination will drive the NDX2.
b. I am wondering if it would be an upgrade over my existing combination if I were to invest in a Supernait 3 alongside the NDX2?
c. Finally the allure of simplifying the set up by investing in a Uniti Nova in place of the numerous boxes doesn’t go away. But I don’t want to make this change unless the change in sound quality, if negative, is not noticeable.

I know that these options are not financially neutral choices. But I would still value the view of this group.

I have run my existing systems for about 8 odd years and am happy to upgrade.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Of the 3 choices I would go for b).

The Supernait 3 is highly rated on the forum and with the NDX2 you won’t go wrong. A great 2 box solution which you can always upgrade with a HiCap DR for the Supernait and an XPS2 DR for the NDX.

The Nova won’t be as good but will give you a sleek one box solution which may well appeal. It does for many.

Demo if you can before you make your choice.

Other option is to go:

282 HiCapDR 250DR NDX2 for an amazing 4 box system. You can get these used or save alot of money and go for:
82 HiCap Olive or CB, 250CB or Olive with NDX2 which would be similar budget to the Supernait 3 and NDX2 but sound much better.

All depends what you want!

One box does it all

Separates for best sound quality

Integrated with separate streamer for good compromise.

Whichever you choose it will be alot better than what you have.


Thanks a lot Dan for such detailed thoughts. I will Demo and then make my choice.

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I have recently upgraded from Nova to NDX2/XPSDR/SN3/HiCapDR.
The difference is very noticeable and so was the price.
It depends on how far you wish to go and current funds.
The good thing with Naim is that you always get a good trade in price when you upgrade which is a good thing as I’m now thinking about 282/250DR.
If you just like a decent sound the Nova with Zen mini and Dynaudio S40 was very good.


Thank you. Even though I am yet to go for a demo, it is becoming clear from the few views coming from people that the combination of Supernait 3 and NDX2 is a definite upgrade to my existing set up.

Let me take the demo and then move ahead.

The one problem with the “good trade in point” that you made is that in HK (where I am based) the community is small and thus a bit harder to get good trade ins.

Thanks once again.

If you are happy with the functionality of your 172, then a used 272 might be all you need. You could later swap the 155 for a 250 and add a power supply to the 272. Of the new streamers, the NDX2/SN3 has to be the most attractive option.

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hi all, thanks a lot for all your suggestions! I did a demo of the supertnait 3/ndx2, vs nova vs. 172/155 existing combination. without a doubt the ndx2/supernait 3 was way better than Nova. Of course it was much better than the existing set up. But that is something I had expected. So I cound’t bring myself up to seeking a single box solution of Nova and stuck to the Supernait 3 and NDX2 option.
Just got them yesterday. It sounds awesome. However I guess I will see the true colours once I break in.
Am also adopting the naim wires NAC 5 on the dealers recommendation. I use a Supra right now.
The Ovator 400s is singing at a new level now:)


Great outcome, congratulations and happy listening.

Congratulations, I had the Ovator 400’s with NDX 2/SN2 for awhile and it was fantastic!

You have a great system but over time you should demo the XPR DR power supply with the NDX 2 it is a great lift. I added the XPS DR and five months later the HiCapDR for a lovely 4 box system. I also ended up trading in my Ovators towards a pair of ProAC D30RS speakers.

Enjoy the music!


Great result.

thank you all


Fantastic news! Well done on buying a wonderful system.

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