Upgrade advice

Current system:
NAC 272
NAP 300 DR
Uniti serve
CD5i that is rarely used.
Russel K Red
(Rega P3, but happy with this for now)

Mainly listen via Tidal or Uniti.

I’d value advice on the best upgrade path. Slightly confused by the options……thanks.

What is it that you don’t like about the current system?
Where do you want to end up eventually?
What is your budget at this time?
How many boxes can you live with?

With a 300, the obvious choice is adding a power supply to the 272.

Hi, my first thought is that your 272 is outclassed by the 300, and you would reap big rewards by adding a PSU to the 272, either an XPS or a 555. Before you commit to this, are you happy with the streaming functions available on the 272? If you want to explore web streaming you may want to consider a 2nd generation Naim streamer. For now, that involves either a move to separates and more boxes (maybe NDX2/282/Hicap for example) or waiting to see what new streming preamps Naim release in future.

What is your budget?
The best upgrade would be , at minimum, an XPSDR. But 555 dr is a must with the 272, as it will power both the pre and the streamer.
More costly then, an Ndx2/ 282/ hicap, instead of the 272.

Thanks for the replies. To answer some of the questions, I love the current system. Previous upgrades have always brought improvements I find hard to quantify and would have been unable to predict so I’m interested to explore what comes next. Not too worried about the box count and budget is ‘flexible’. I was thinking a power supply would be the logical next step so may see if I can get a demo. Many thanks.

The minimum upgrade for the 272 is an XPS. Which is now around £4,400 new. Which is a lot.

Maybe be look for a ‘pre-loved’ one…?

In light of your first post and reply - I would consider NDX2, 282, PSU in that order

used 282 with my 300DR using both HCDR & SC - NDX2 / 282 is lovely front end source, its nice spending others money - seeing the pricing for NDX you might want to swap out 272 for NDX and get the 282 first and then move to NDX2 - as ever demo first

one of the best and most informative days I spent a few years ago with @Cymbiosis putting a plan together which I am pleased to say has now finished ???

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Or a used 555dr should be doable for that or a bit less

Certainly is, I’ve seen a few pre-loved 555DR lately for a shade under £4k!

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