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If I get a supernait 3 with ndx 2 what sort of speakers would I need to look at? I’ve had an Atom with Aria 906s and a sub 300p for a while but I’m still pretty clueless. Ty.

I would keep the speakers you have, to hear what the SN and NDX do with them (with and without the sub). You can always demo something else later. The Focal 906s are rather nice.



Hi @WillJames at least initially, it’s hard to argue with the suggestion you may se the speakers you have.

If and when you are sure want an upgrade, there are loads of options of course (even if limited to what frequent posters use themselves) but questions spring to mind.

How big is the room, how far from walls and other reflective surfaces from the speakers, and how loud and/ or deep does music need to go to satisfy you?

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I just did a similar swap of an atom for nd5xs2 and sn3 and I’ve kept my aria 906’s. I’d say keep them for a few months at least to see what the speakers can really do before finding out if there is something you like better. But to get a list going maybe put sn3 speakers into the search thing there a few threads already that should give some great options. I have such a list just in case some money magically appears in the future lol.

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Start with what the room can accommodate and be optimised around. I’ve certainly used PMC and Focal (Kanta) with my SN3 with positive results in both cases.
Take your time and audition as many as you can first, ideally, if you intend to buy through a local dealer, borrow them and try them in the room you’ll be listening in.
Speakers more than any other component tend to be a rather personal choice as well, so despite the various recommendations, lean towards what you like the sound of and what will suit your space best.

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The new Mission 770s look interesting also Neat are a good match with Naim gear.

Yes i’ve always had a soft spot for Mission speakers in the past, representing great value for money, and always being bold with what can be achieved in the lower end of the market. It’s also great to see a British speaker manufacturer returning to the use of 8 inch drive units, something that is sadly lacking in a lot of speaker designs these days. Well done Mission i say!

They arrive here next month I’m definitely going to have a listen. I do remember seeing the originals in hi fi shops in Sydney back in the 80s. I also like the look of them but apparently not everyone shares my enthusiasm.

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