Upgrade Already?

I officially have a problem, I’ve know it for a while though. I have enjoyed the upgrade path immensely in my main system to what I currently have.

I purchased a Nova in January for my office/small listening room and am really enjoying it. Now, already looking for a potential change. I’ve thought about adding a 250 DR to the Nova but that doesn’t seem like the best VFM. I’ve thought of another LP12 to the Nova but really am not sure I feel like chasing a similar sound to my LP 12 on my main system. Now I’m toying with moving to a Supernait 3 with an NDX2. Then I thought about a used 250DR with the new 222. Leaning hard to the NDX2/Supernait 3 Combo. Am I missing something that I should be thinking of, with the exception of the obvious of just enjoying what I have? :laughing:

I am running Wilson Duette’s if that factors in.


Hi @Katmaimatt ,

Your situation is not unique; essentially, you are choosing between combining pre-amplification and amplification (Supernait 3) and having a separate streamer (NDX2) or combining pre-amplification and a streamer together (NSC 222) and having a separate power amplifier (250DR).

If I were in your situation, I would proceed to purchase a New Classic NAP 250 amplifier to add to the Nova. Afterward, I would wait and see what will come out in the next few months and based on that, consider a possible NDX2 streamer (which I imagine could decrease in price) and maybe an older series preamplifier (282?) to replace the Nova, or, if your budget allows, turn to other components of the new series.

Therefore, at this very moment I would not proceed with either the NSC222 or NDX2 or Supernait 3 or 250 DR but instead with a NAP 250 (New Classic).


I’d probably go for NDX2/Supernait. Your duettes are a fairly easy load, but are very revealing so I would concentrate on the best possible source for your money. There should be some good deals on the NDX2 right now with New Classic models in the pipeline to replace it.


I enjoyed my NDX 2 > SN 2 system quite a lot and thought it sounded much better than the Standalone NOVA. Over time I ended up adding a XPS DR power supply to the NDX 2 and then a HiCap DR to the SN 2. The NDX 2 with SN 3 is a lovely upgrade over the NOVA in my opinion and gives lots of room for upgrades. The used market for classic system components and power supplies should open up with all the new classic system sales. So opportunities to go new and used for the foreseeable future.


I’m leaning towards the NDX2 with the SN3. I’ve read a lot of good things about it on the forum. I like the idea of the quasi separates and potential upgrades to the SN3 and NDX2.


I am really enjoying my NDX2 and SN3. I am considering adding a power supply to the NDX2 when funds permit.


Ok, so now I’m thinking of just doing the SN3 and ND5xs2. I’d assume this would be a better fit for the Duette’s than the Nova? I have a hi-line that came with my ND555 that I can use as a connection. I’m using another manufacture’s cabling on the 555.

All the options mentioned will leave you with a mega mullet. You’ll never get the best from the speakers unless you spend big bucks. As it’s a second system in a small room, have you considered selling the Duettes and getting some speakers that actually match the Nova? You may be surprised how good it is when matched properly.

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Thanks HH. The Duette’s sound really good on the Nova. I had original plans of spending some extra funds on a turntable to pair with the Nova. Went through a few attempts with Rega’s (up to a P8) and it just didn’t seem like a good fit. I would suspect over time, I’ll be into a better separates system (250/252 equivalent) in a few years. Just scratching an itch for some better separates over the Nova.

As finances don’t seem to be a limiting factor, why not go for the 272/NC250? It would be a great introduction to the new kit and has to be better than streamer, 282 etc etc given that it’s in a smaller space. The new 250 has for more welly than something like the SN3 or even the 250DR.

That’s a good thought. Finances are limiting, sorry if I gave the impression they weren’t.

Owning the Nova, the 272, the 250DR and the NSC 222 and the 250-3, given your actual system and budget and quoting myself, I still believe that the NAP 250-3 (New Classic) power amplifier, using the Nova as the preamplifier is by far the smartest solution at the moment.

Doing this way, you’ll have two products with similar designs (similar chassis, same logo) and the enhancement in SQ and authority of the new 250. The Nova remains an excellent all-in-one option, so you can replace/add later on, whether from the new or old classic series.

There are some significant updates coming, and you’ll have much more freedom to choose upgrades later on, having already acquired a component from the new series.

@Akron Did you ever try the NC 250 with your Nova? How do you like the new stuff?

Not yet @Katmaimatt , currently my 250-3 is connected to the NSC 222, but I had done tests between the Nova and the 250DR that I have on the 272, and I really liked it. If it follows the same pattern, the 250-3 should be a good match with the Nova and deliver even better results compared to the 250DR.

@Akron Cool. thanks for the response. There are some good deals on the 250 DR as well.

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There are some good options noted already. I went from the Nova (that I still have) to a SN2/NDX2 as an upgrade and that is a great combo. But, adding the NC250, and then swapping out the Nova for the new 222 when finances allow, also has merit. I don’t think you can go wrong with either option, but the SN2/NDX2 is probably cheaper, as there are many used SN2s out there.

Well, as HH notes, the other option is a better match speaker for the Nova (indeed, I commented on this when he first tried a Nova, saying it needed the right speakers to shine).

Sell, you don’t need an office system, a transistor radio is enough there…:sunglasses:

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Oh sure, there is a desk down there but a nice lounge chair as well that sits perfectly and conveniently in the middle of two speakers. I nice reprieve once the 5 and 7 year olds go down for the evening!

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Then congratulations, most people who hang out here probably have grandchildren that age, you have many upgrades ahead of you :wink:


I think that in a few months, when new products from the New Classic series are released, these components may cost even slightly less. That’s why I recommend going for the 250-3 directly and not deciding on a streamer or a preamplifier of the old series right now.