Upgrade amplifier or Uniti super nova?

Hello everybody, long question about upgrade and/or new streamer.
I own a very old Dynalab Magnum 308, Naim ND5 SX, Rosso Fiorentino Elba. I was told best step to start an upgrade was buy a Naim Supernait 3. I like you advice, quality and price-wise what I can do best? Buy an occasion/demo Supernait 3 or occasion Supernait 2 ? Which of the two?
Or should I just go for an , occasion/demo Naim Uniti Nova ( or Star ?)
Thanks for your advice

A Nova is a great 1-box. However a Supernait or even a Nait plus your existing streamer would probably give more sound-per-pound.

Even second-hand, a Nova costs £3K+. A SN3 costs nearly as much but an SN2 is over £1,000 cheaper and it too is a good amp. That might leave enough to replace your ND5XS with a second-hand ND5XS2 - better sound and modern architecture and functionality - if you want.

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Thanks Nick. This sounds like a sound :slight_smile: advice. I can buy a SN 2 under 2000, that should indeed leave me with some money to replace mine
Greetings, Nils

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I own an SN2 and it truly is a wonderful integrated amp. If you are looking at two pre-owned items and can afford a little extra, then I would choose the sn3. It is apparently a little bit better and has quite a decent on-board phono stage. However, the SN2 is good enough that I would never upgrade from an sn2 to an sn3.
I am running an NDS through it and it makes the NDS sound excellent.
Best of luck with whatever you choose.

Hi David, thanks . Confirms my thinking. I just bought an SN2 and now looking into upgrading my NDSx for a ndsx 2. Really looking forward to the upgrade.

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