Upgrade, do I need to buy additional cables?

I’m trading in my 282 and HiCapDR for a 252 and Supercap DR. I’m keeping my NAP 250 DR. Will I need to buy any additional cables to the ones that come in the boxes? Cheers

Usually all the necessary cables and interconnects come with the equipment.

That assumes that you’re buying the equipment new, and from a dealer.


When buying used Naim gear it’s worth checking that the seller is including the correct accessories, including cables, as originally supplied. Even dealers sometimes get this wrong.


You should have a Burndy and a SNAIC 5-5pin DIN come together with the 252. If that’s the case, you don’t need an additional cable.


Remember that the Supercap comes only with a mains lead; no interconnects. As said above, the 252 should come with a Burndy and a Snaic 5, so make sure they are included. They will cost about £800 to buy if they are left out.


Thanks for the replies everyone. SCDR and 252 arriving on Friday, can’t wait!


Very useful, thanks Chris

So my 252 and SCDR arrived (albeit a few days late). The 252 I bought new and the box was sealed etc but bizarrely it came with a DIN4-XLR instead of a SNAIC5 so I’ll need to wait for my dealer to send me one before I can listen to my system. Really frustrating!

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I suspect it’ll be worth the wait!


How bizarre, the Din 4 to XLR is what comes with a 250DR. Hopefully you dealer can come up trumps quickly.

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Yes, very odd - the cable came in a sealed plastic envelope with the instruction manual for NACs. Obviously a mistake at the factory. Hopefully the dealer will have a spare SNAIC they can post to me tomorrow!

These things happen! My Nait 50 came with a European style two-prong mains plug, so I had to wait a frustrating couple of days before Audio T supplied a UK three-pin plug.

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So I’m finally listening to the 252 and very good it is too straight out the box. To get a balanced sound I have to turn the balance dial to just before 2 o’clock. When it’s centred the left channel is noticeably louder than the right. Is this normal? Cheers

If the volume is at say 8 or 9 o’clock, you should not really need to move the balance, certainly not that much.

It’s possible the knob is not on straight, so you can try turning it fully to the left and then turning it further until it centres on the spindle ie it’s the same when fully left of fully right, say 7 o’clock and 5 o’clock respectively. Given it’s new you may understandably be hesitant, so if in doubt speak to your dealer first, just to cover yourself.

Be sure to play a proper mono recording as stereo makes lots of difference to balance depending on the recording.

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Take advantage of HH’s experience, and don’t ever question facts like Naim pots’ unreliability… Their greatest skill is to turn a defect into a quality!
But the 252 is a great preamp, you’ll love it I hope. And dealing with Naim is a tad more Zen that one might suspect.

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Thanks HH. It’s a quieter volumes (less than 8) that I need to set the balance to around 10.
Between 8 and 9 only a small adjustment is required (just before 1 o’clock) and it seems to improve the closer to 9 it gets . At the lowest volume only sound comes out the left channel but I would never listen at that volume so not a problem. Does this all sound normal? Cheers

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