Upgrade LP12 or go RP10/aphelion

I’m interested in peoples thoughts on this. I’ve a Valhalla/Ittok II/OC-9 LP12 that I really like. My plan has varied between, leaving it as it is (it has a certain immersive character), adding a Lingo 4, or even going with the Karosel and Kore upgrades. Off course, the LP12 upgrades are very expensive, but I did get it at a very good price.

There’s a but. I came from a 1980’s Rega 3, and I have a sweet spot for Rega turntables too :sunglasses:. I’ve seen a very nice used RP10/aphelion for sale reasonably close to where I live. It would put the cost a little above my LP12 with a new Lingo 4, but below the Karousel/Kore upgrades.

No doubt I’m over thinking it, and no, I don’t want a third TT (the RP3 is on another system).

But I think it would be a useful option to explore a little more?


Stick with the LP12 and spread the upgrades over a couple of years or more.
You have a Rega, when the time is right, upgrade that with a beefier Rega…:wink:


That’s certainly the easier option. I don’t use the other system much (Rega 3 and Star), have mulled over selling it, but I can’t let it go, and when we move it might be needed more. Or with working less being in the plan, I might use it more.


The LP12 is a fantastic turntable. When I got my LP12 I sorted out the tonearm and got Lingo 1 and Cirkus. Then left it alone for around 5 years apart from changing carts.

I think you can leave it alone and enjoy the music. Maybe do upgrades slowly.

It has Cirkus and great tonearm and cart. If you do anything look at Lingo 1, 2, 3 or 4 or Radikal 1 or 2.

Or just leave it alone. I enjoyed my LP12 for years with no upgrades whatsoever after initial spend.

With recent tonearm, cart and phonostage upgrades I don’t feel necessity to change out my serviced Lingo 1.

I have Kore and Karousel, Ekos 2, Dynavector XX2 Mk2, Lingo 1, Trampolin 2, Linn T Kable and Tom Evans The Groove + SRX power supply Phono Stage. I spent alot on it recently and sold previous phonostage and Cirkus at good prices and got good part exchange on my tonearm which was Akito upgraded.

Upgrading to 500DR has made a huge difference to LP12 pleasure.

Enjoy your LP12 and do upgrades as and when you want.

Yes, I have considered other turntables so I get that. But I love what I have ultimately!


You know what I’m going to say and I don’t need to say it ha !! :crazy_face::grinning::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Say it Bevo! :wink:

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I would leave that spec LP12 as it is.

And I wouldn’t sell it until I had lived with the alternative for a little while.


He knows - LP12 with upgrades :crazy_face::crazy_face:


With Mike’s system the Lp12 will be revealing.

My brother has come over from New Zealand and was very impressed with my recent turntable, amp and speaker changes. He said the turntable sounded alot better. And so it should.

So Mike I completely get why you want to do upgrades.

I would consider your end game if possible. So for instance if you want it at Klimax level then get a Radikal 2. Or if you want it at Selekt level get Lingo 4. Or buy used upgrades. Or experiment. Linn Lp12’s are very versatile!


Maybe say with your extensive experience of 2 different LP12s what he should do first, if anything.

I would probably go for a Lingo to start with. And not necessarily a Lingo 4 with current set up. A Lingo 1, 2 or 3 could be great!

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I know what Bevo will say :smile:, and it’s sound advice. Add Lingo 4, maybe Kore/Karousel/Trampoline, in one or two steps and leave it there.

The older Lingo’s don’t come up here very often, there is a Lingo 2 in Australia, but it only seems to be the power supply and not the rest of gear you need to install it.

Funnily enough, there’s a full NDS/552/500 for sale here. But, the 500 is non-dr, and that’s the same discussion you recently had. And the absence of any Naim support in NZ can’t be ignored.


I get the complete lack of support in NZ. My brother ended up going down Accuphase route as a result. He asked me for alot of advice on Naim but there is no support really.

So for me Phase 1 I would get Linn Lingo 4 and Kore to start with. And then see how you get on.

Then Phase 2 Karousel and Trampoline 2. But I honestly think this would bring less. I know many say how great Karousel is but it did little for me when I changed out Cirkus. It just spurred further upgrades. It all worked out well in the end though.

In NZ not worth getting 500DR unless fairly new.

I get it all completely Mike.


I’ve never owned an LP12 so have no axe to grind, but it is without question one of the world’s truly great turntables in any guise. If it were me I would keep it and if I had the cash invest further in it rather than switch track now.

Just my view as a GyroDec owner!



I’m a relatively new LP12 owner, having owned Project, Rega, and Luxman tables in the past.

When you said:

and I have a sweet spot for Rega turntables too :sunglasses:

…I had to think that had you said you have a soft spot for Rega turntables, that “the RP10 does, too - the thing’s made outta foam!” :sweat_smile:

Stick with the Scottish thing.

*(no offense to any owners out there, they perform super well and I’ve thought about buying one myself, and blah blah but laugh a little; I’m a dad with jokes).


The Ittok is a decent tonearm, but the Ekos (of whatever type) is a big step up. I would be looking at that, plus a Keel, as the last ever upgrades. Concentrate on getting the best cartridge within your budget after that.

Do something crazy, as I did - find a knackered old Troika, and have it rebuilt to whatever spec you want by David Giffin at Goldring. It has the capacity to put most current cartridges in their place.


As it happens, the guy selling his 500 system is also selling his LP12/Aro/Karosel/Keel/Armageddon/Trampoline/Lyra Titan i…. There’s also a nice LP12/Lingo 4/Karosel/Kore/Trampoline/Krane/Adikt on the market.


…and so it begins… :wink: :joy:


I had a similar LP12 - Valhalla/Ittok/DV10X. I did the following, in stages, over several years -

  • Cirkus bearing (this was pre Karousel release)
  • Lingo Mk1 (bought pre-loved - then serviced)
  • Kore (bought pre-loved - re-drilled for Ittok)

Not That Expensive. About £500 per ‘step’.

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Keep the LP12 you have Mike and over time just add a few bits as previously suggested

Mate of mine has your tonearm , it’s fine, he added the karousel and lingo 4 and it sounds pretty good I must admit . Hasn’t even gone to the Kore yet. He has the Dynavector MC XX2 Mk2 which ifs a great match

How much does that person want for the LP12 ARO system ?

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Very different sounding turntables really, and only you can choose which best suits you, and the system you have.
I have never really liked the linn sound, but that’s me.
Also obviously condition will play a major factor in what you hear, secondhand cartridge’s are a real lottery, as you can never really trust what you are told. Plus you don’t know how its been treated, etc.
Obviously the LP12 is very different and is more likely to play up, go off, etc, compared to the more plug and play rega. But it all comes down to what you want going forward, and as you already own both, then i would say you already know which you prefer.