Upgrade muso qb to 2nd gen

I have joined the Roon world and finding it amazing through my Naim Atom. I also have a 1st generation Muso Qb box which is not roon ready so was thinking of upgrading to the 2nd generation muso Qb. My question is are there retailers that support trade in for upgrades or should just try and eBay my current device and buy 2nd gen model?

Isn’t there a way of adapting a first gen Qb for Roon?

Not found that, I know using chromecast audio or using a squeezebox front end connected to Qb works to an extent but just not making it Roon ready.

The original qb works with roon via airplay, you don’t need to replace it.

As Robert says, you can use Roon via AirPlay which is supported by 1st and 2nd gen Musos so that would be the easiest way to use it and would allow you to use them in multiroom mode if you need them to play in sync.
With the QB2 you may find it sounds slightly better using native Roon rather than Roon via AirPlay and you still have the option of doing that when not using multiroom.

You may find a retailer willing to offer you a trade-in deal although you will almost certainly get a better deal if you sell it privately.

Thanks, appreciate airplay delivers the audio to the Qb gen1 however from a Qobuz hi resolution source it does downgrade the source as I understand airplay cannot transmit high bit rate music to the SQ the Atom can, so to achieve that I think need to upgrade to Qb gen 2

If you are willing to tinker a little bit it might be worthwhile looking at rooUPnP which is a piece of software that can be installed on a Raspberry Pi. I tried it when I still had a Unitiqute 2 and it works well. Not quite as elegant as a Roon Ready device but it does work.

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Thanks will need to look into that.

It is resampled but do you notice? Personally not; the qb isn’t the last word in dynamics etc.
However the gen 2 is a better unit than the gen 1, regardless if you’re playing hires audio or not.

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