Upgrade my Naim Ariva with Rega RS5?

Goodmorning everyone

for two years now I have been looking for new loudspeakers.

My current system is:

1- Audirvana on MM via USB on Dac V1
2- Rega P6 with Exact2 on Stageline N

the rest of the system is: 282 (powered by 1 HC DR) > 200 > NacA5 > Ariva

I’m looking for a valid alternative to Ariva. Overall I’m satisfied but unfortunately have a low burst that often drowns and overhangs.

I’ve already done a thorough demo at home with the Allae. Although the bass of the “Allae” is as I would, contrary to the medium / high, for my taste, they are too bursting and tiring.

I also had the Ovator 400 but unfortunately (although I liked it) they were too big for my environment.

Now I have the opportunity to be able to buy (from a private) the Raga RS5 at a very low price. My budjet is currently limited and I can not evaluate anything else …

In the past I have already had experience with Rega. My first setup was (12 years ago) Nait 5i and Rega R5 and I remember it was not bad.

Obviously now my setup has grown a lot and the RS5 are anyway different from the R5 that I had.

I would be grateful if anyone could give me some advice about it.

Thx very much

Angelo, Have you tried moving the Ariva speakers further from the walls?

Best, Chris

Hi Chris

yes… of course…

I managed to make everything more acceptable … but I’m still not satisfied.

Try the RS5s then. The dealer from whom I bought my Naim speakers was very enthusiastic about the combination of CD5XS, NAIT XS and Rega RS5s.

The Rega’s side firing bass units may help you tune the bass response in your room.

thx for the feedback Chris…

I hope someone on this forum has had direct experience with the RS5 and wants to tell me about it :wink:


I have direct experience of curing bass overhang with Arivas. Tried everything before realising there was one boundary I hadn’t tried distancing them from: the floor.

As an experiment, try it. Mine have been sitting on LP record boxes for the last 14 years, all the bloom/overhang gone. I wouldn’t part with them for anything!

Hi MOVr0r0

interesting … I’m interested in your solution … can you explain me better? What do you mean by “LP record box”? some photos maybe can help me understand well what I could do …

To try this suggestion, use anything that is stable and safe for your speakers. If you hear a dramatic improvement you can think about a good way to make the change permanent.

It’s a great solution for small rooms and I found I could position the speakers closer to back and side walls which was more convenient for me. The cabinets are so well designed there’s very little energy to dissipate out of them so they don’t seem to care what they are placed on but something rigid is good for audible clarity and home safety.

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Wow… idea really very original …

I will try for sure …

it would also be convenient to keep my LP near the turntable … :wink:

just a curiosity: but are not too high? when I’m sitting, my ear is at the tweeter … considering that the Ariva are already tilted upwards, do not you risk being too low compared to the ideal listening point?

You will be aware already that they have good dispersion and create a large sound-stage and it is for this reason that I did not have a problem with the extra height.

Will you report back with your results?

sure … I’ll let you know …

so no one has had direct experience with Rega Rs5?

I’m also evaluating the Neat Sx1…

any experience or suggestion on the Sx1?


Hi Angelo,

please don’t replace Arivas with rega RS5s. Do some more research, do your best to make the Arivas sound as you want them to, but please, not a pair of RS5s. Those are toys, not loudspeakers, and totally unworthy your excellent ancillary electronics.


P.S.: RS5 owners - it’s my opinion only.

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a) 2nd hand N-Sats

b) 2nd hand SBLs

c) Neat. If your room is smallish, even the Iotas.

d) a huge number of speakers that don’t feel, in the words of our unforgotten HH, like cardboard.

Hi Max

you’re right … I know that I accept your advice … for two years now I try to change Arivas but I can not find the substitutes … I will try to value them as much as possible!

Thx again for your interest

Ps: you give me another interesting idea… i just have n-Sats in my surround system… this we i’ll try the n-Sats in place of Arivas :wink:

Place your nSats on an outside wall using NACA5 and factory stands, and they should rock!

You might also try Herbie’s Fat Gliders, as I have done with the ProAc D40R’s. Also a good solution for my hardwood floor over a crawl space.


I take this post back to share my experience with you.

As suggested by Max, I used my n-sats (from the surround system) as front speakers of the main system.

I was shocked by what these “little” speakers were able to do simply positioned on two bar stools (I don’t have the original stands). A fantastic sound, fast and detailed.

Obviously, as it should be, I am not able to give myself the sound pressure of the Ariva nor can I reach high listening volumes. At medium volumes, however, I find them much better than the Ariva because, being drier, the “boom” that was bothering me disappeared.

Given this, I am at a crossroads …

I have the possibility to buy at a good price both a pair of nsats complete with stands and a pair of SBL Mk2.

Which road is better?

  • I take another pair of nsat with the stands? hoping that the result is even better …
  • I take the SBLs (which I can’t prove) that, based on what I’ve read, should be better on paper than both ariva and nsats?

What would you do in my place?

nsats or sbl ???

Any suggestions are always welcome …

I would follow the Neat advice.

I just searched both sx1/2 and iota… but my budget is limited… pheraps in the future…

But now i can only evaluate the Sats or the sbl…

I would guess that the reduced bass extension of the N-Sats avoids, or at least reduces, the problem frequencies of your room. Maybe adding a sub would allow you to reintroduce those low frequencies in a more controlled way, although N-Subs are not so easy to come by.