Upgrade NAC-N 272/NAP 200 with power supply

Hi all, I recently changed my system from all digital Linn components to NAC- N 272 and NAP 200 DR (LP 12/Uphorik/Fyne Audio F502SP). I’m very happy with the sound which fits much better to the music I’m mainly listening to (Rock/Blues/Folk 60’s/70’s). Still I got a little bit left in my budget and consider a power supply. Naim suggests XPS DR or 555 PS DR which are definitely over budget.
Someone round the corner is selling a Naim XPS with a burndy cable from 2005 for 1.099 €. I wonder if should give it a try.
Any thoughts would be very welcome.

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It will only be a matter of time before the first person here will advise you to go for a 555PS, but in my opinion you should give it a try - please be aware that the XPS might be in need of a service where parts like capacitors need to be replaced. You might use that opportunity to have the XPS upgraded with the DR technology that makes it as good as a brans new unit that just left the Naim factory!

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I leapfrogged straight to 555DR and have never looked back.

The problem with a non DR XPS from 2005 is that it will need a service unless that’s already been done.

A service and DR I believe costs £2k whereas a decent XPS DR will cost you between £1800 and £2500 used.

This is a good point, thank you.

2005 needs service and dr would be better for sound. I don’t know the prices for service and dr.
Second hand xps dr can be find for 2k. So maybe the 1k xps 2 is a good price.

A 2005 XPS is compatible with the 272, unlike some earlier models. You should check that it comes with the correct Burndy cable, which is an SXPS version, or budget for buying one as well as a possible service and/or DR upgrade.

For some reason Naim didn’t put the price for the XPS upgrade on the list when they published the one I saw, the Supercap was 1,899 Euros and the 555PS was 2,399 Euros (both excluding VAT), so I’d assume the XPS was around 2,000 + VAT.

Please let me know where I can find a used XPS DR for these amounts :smiley:

I’ve just Googled out of curiosity and there is one on a well known auction site as we speak.

If I knew I couldn’t, it’s against the forum rules but I paid £1800 for my XPS DR and sold it for a little less.

Thank you for your thoughts. It looks like I‘m better off with DR version instead of servicing and upgrading the old XPS.

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