Upgrade NDX for Chromecast?

Present set-up

Source: QNAP NAS: CDs – ripped – FLAC Lossless ~ WAV
Ethernet to:
NDX (Jan14 with all known updates)
Chord BNC 1m cable
NAC282 / NAPSC / HiCap 2 (2011 non-DR)
NACA5 (4m)
ProAc Tri-Tower


My AV set-up is separate but linked re: Pioneer BDP-LX52 optical to N DAC (for concerts)

I’ve been very happy with this set-up and thought that it would see me through … but: I’ve subscribed to two on-line music services: Berliner Philharmoniker’s Digital Concert Hall and Medici.tv which resulted in me buying a Chromecast Ultra widget to plug into the Pioneer VSX-LX52 AV amp, accessed via iPhone, etc…

They’re great (though the widget sometimes needs a re-boot!) but the Pioneer AV amp doesn’t provide the SQ I’m used to (albeit I do get surround sound).

So I’m thinking now of upgrading the NDX … replacing it with a NDX2

This would mean “losing” the N DAC but I would use the XPS-DR to power the NDX2

If I go for the NDX2 I would probably consider having the HiCap 2 serviced … DR upgrade (if this is still possible).

So, questions:

  • Should I expect a SQ gain from an NDX2 (powered by the XPS-DR) re: my streamed music library, compared with the existing set-up?
  • Will I be able to listen via the NDX2~Naim set-up whilst watching the broadcast via my AV system (Pioneer amp muted), or is this asking too much of Chromecast?

Any thoughts?

Many thanks!

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