Upgrade option

It’s a good while since I have had the upgrade bug but the time might of come.
Current system Is
250 dr
Xps dr
Hi cap dr
Apart from Spotify my my main source of music is my ripped to flac storage.
A home dem will be done but to get an idea would I be better off changing to a ndx 2 or adding a supercap dr to the 282.
It would probably be a good while before I can do another upgrade after this one .

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That seems like a nice balanced system (although no mention of your speakers). I’m sure the 282 would benefit from a Supercap but a 252 might be better long term investment.

Some good prices on s/h NDS-that would be a lift, especially as your music is stored on a NAS making its streaming limitations less important.


Cheers Bruce,
I have a fraim lite that it all sits on.
The speakers are pmc twenty 5 21i’s which work well in my room.

I would go for NDX2 and subscribe to Qobuz instead of Spotify.


I would (and did) go NDX2 and add a second HiCap rather than the SC, unless you are thinking 252 for the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You will only get opinions here, with no guarantee that they will align with your own tastes.
An NDX2 would be a nice option, but not a huge uplift to sound quality for the money.
If you are happy with the 1st gen streaming platform an NDS would be a big upgrade, with the possibility of trading your XPS for a 555PS.
Alternatively add a DAC upgrade to your NDX. Different to the NDS rather than better.
I didn’t particularly like what a Supercap did to a 282, but others like it.


Most definitely get off of Spotify for serious listening (full disclosure, I use Spotify for on-the-go music. Playlists, UI/UX, catalogue are great.)

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Hi All,
I caught the upgrade bug too!!! I currently have a Uniti Atom with Spendor A2 speakers. My previous system was from my old student days, so moving to the Uniti Atom was amazing and gave me many hours of enjoyment over the last two years. That said, I’m now used to my Uniti Atom sound and I’m thirsty for another step improvement… Question is: should I get a Uniti Nova and some Spendor D7.2 speakers, or go another step up and go for separate NSC 222 and NAP 250 with better speakers (or would the Spendor D7.2 still be OK?).
I know many would say it depends on budget available now; however would the cheaper Nova end up costing more in the long term as I’ll end up with another upgrade bug??? I think I’m spending too much time on this forum…

Separates with Spendor 7.2 will be just ok, currently Atom is a weak link

The Atom would not be up to the job of driving the D7.2 the separates will be OK.

I did attend my dealer launch of the NSC222 and 250 speakers used were D9.2 but I felt that the power supply upgrade made a huge difference and was more than worthwhile.

I used the original D7 for several years and found them to be an excellent speaker indeed.

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This forum is definitely a bad influence: I was just looking at the Spendor D7.2 with separates, and you’ve now put the D9.2 in my head… I do have to say they look lovely…
Thanks guys… :rofl:

My wife thinks I need therapy…

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I think you would need the 300 series to get the best out of the D9.2 .

I am at he 300 series launch at my dealer on Thursday just wondering if he will be using the D9.2 again or something else ?

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OK, thanks. Would the Spendor D7.2 be better suited to the NSC 222 and NAP 250? Moving to the 300 series/D9.2 could really end up in divorce…

I would say that the most important consideration by far is matching the loudspeakers to your room, and this often becomes more difficult with larger floorstanders due to the increased low frequency output.
Better source and amplification certainly help with this, but I would suggest that you try a range of different speakers rather than choosing one just because you’ve had the same brand before.

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You need to listen to the options for yourself. Maybe the Nova would be all you ever need to enjoy your music. Try it and see if you think spending three times as much on a 222/250 is really worth it to you. Putting a Nova through your A2s will transform them; don’t be in too much of a rush to get big expensive speakers.

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Good point about the importance of the room: the dealer who sold me the Atom and Spendor A2 speakers provided a home demo. My room is only 3.7m wide by 4.8m long by 2m high, with stone floor and a large bay window. The sound was initially quite bright; the dealer corrected that by putting a rug on the floor which took out the bounce and created an amazing sound…

I really like the look of the Spendor speaker range. Ultimately, I agree a home demo would be best to ascertain if a Nova/D7.2 is good enough or if a separate 200 series is worth the extra expense.

Thanks all for the great advice.

In my demos the D7.2s worked really well with the NC 222/300/250. I’m saving up for the NPX 300 and will home audition the Spendors together with a few other speakers. Room matching being key.


Though it’s a nice combo obviously I would be tempted to run it against 222 + active ATC…

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